Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holiday is Ending!!

Oh no!! Holiday is NOT ending..
It has actually ENDED..
Oh yea...
Too bad...
Class starts..
Frhn posted on her fb, she doesn't want to go back to school.
I said i like school, but that doesnt mean i like the class, aye?
Controversial and irony statement..

One week after raya...
I spent my first 3 days of raya at home.
I was SUPPOSED to go back to Kuantan on the 2nd day but something else happened, the trip was cancelled and i ended up going nowhere for raya.
On the 4th day of Raya, i went to IMU library...
Can you believe it?
I can't believe it too...
Hahaha.. I've always value holiday at home so much, and yet i went to the library.
But it turned out the be a beneficial visit to the library after all, i studied quite a lot.
I'm sure i wont study that much if i stayed at home. Too much distractions!
There is the tv, the internet, the bed, and the siblings.
So yes, wednesday, thursday and friday in IMU.. Beneficial, and enjoyable and fun.. =)

What else?
Oh yes, duit raya...
Haha... Eventho i've been living in this world for almost 2 decades, ppl still give me duit raya, well of course they should... I'm not earning yet.
Plus, in chinese culture, one will always get angpow until one gets married. So.....deduce the conclusion!

Sometimes, i'm afraid that someone might just tell me,

"No, i've never said anything like that. Who asked you to think of it that way? You think too much"

Won't that be hurting?
Ever experienced that?
That is EXACTLY why i always like to get a clear explanation on everything.
At least i'll not be in the loss side.

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