Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm pretty busy today.
I went all around IMU to find muslim studnts from other courses, quite a tough job given the fact that i dont know anyone from other course, neither do i know what course exists in IMU.
And i backed out from a chess tournament which shd be held this saturday in IMU (ooh.. feel real bad abt it but i really cant make it for the tournametnt).

At 345, i went for telematch, an activity organised for the orientation of the new Medicine batch. Since i'm an OO (orientation officer), today is my duty to follow my group members and help them in whatever way i can.

Someone wished me "Happy Wasting Your Time" before i leave the library to join the telematch.
Well, it was quite a not-so-smart-way of spending my hours but study isn't the only thing i shd be doing, is it?
I was ready to be dirty this time but as soon as i reached the field where the telematch was held, my passionate photographer batchmate, Tay handed me a big, bulky, cool, and professional camera.
And i ended up being a cameragirl.. Hahaha..
So, nobody touched me, poured any flour on me, or even sprayed any water on me.
So, thanks Tay for borrowing me the camera and indirectly rescuing me from all the dirts...! Haha...

I cant upload any pic now as all the pics are with Tay, i'll see if i can get hold of those picts tomorrow.

The telematch started at around 5 and supposed to finish at 8pm.
I went out 10mins before 7 to buy food for me and 2 other muslim stdnts for breaking fast.
I was glad that Joash actually appreciated our presence there, despite fasting.
But as Ikmal said, even the Badar War can be won during the fasting month, so fasting cannot be made an excuse.

Anyway, now i'm at home, tired and sleepy.
Need to sleep now, and i'm pretty sure i'll have a hard time waking up for sahur tomorrow. Haiz..
Alrite goodnight! Salam.

3rd Sept 09



  1. memang la takde sape berani usik, kang rosak kamere tu nanti, sape nak bayar?

    orientasi? utk sape? junior? intake baru? kirenye member2 dari intec pon ade skali?

  2. aku la junior tuh!ok akmar.dat hurts.haha.terase gilke point ikmal tu betol la.but ak mmg xle pegi la ystrdy.its my turn to cook!haha.

  3. haha... itu la untungnye, org x berani usik sbb kamera tu mahal.
    ha'ah, intake baru. kwn2 intec pun ada la. =)

    orked, junior ape kah?
    jap jap, serius aku xde niat nk ckp pape psl kau kt post ni. ayat mana yg kau terasa nih? aku tau it was ur turn to cook, aku x kisah pun. =P
    tp ada kisah skit je, sbb kau x hntr ur cooking to me!!

  4. haha.uish.masakan "terbaek" aku tuh.haha.