Thursday, October 29, 2009

The List is Getting Longer

2 weeks left for my End of Semester 2 exam @ the clearing exam.

After 2 weeks, i'll be as free as a bird, though there are few bad things gonna happen during this hols and i prefer not to talk abt it.
And as usual, i started writing my to-do-list for this hols.
And the list IS getting longer.
I might disclose some of it later, after my exam.
Oh my...
Life is so tempting.



  1. all the best for your exams!

    nucki <--your word verification,which i fd quite annoying.haha.disable kan lah akmar!

  2. moga sgala yg baik dikurniakanNya buat akmar~
    pecut jgn xpecut!moga2 usaha di saat2 akhir ni membuahkan hasil yg indah!!!
    jika tidak di dunia,insyaAllah pasti Dia berikan yg terbaik di akhirat..
    asalkan sgala yg dilakukan kerana Allah~

  3. i wish you the best of luck doctor akmar!! =)