Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Little Help In Life


As i was driving back home from IMU just now (it was around 7.40pm), i noticed a small Perodua Kancil, a blue one. Somehow this Kancil caught my attention, because of the colour, and the style of driving. Then i noticed that the car did not switch the lights on, and it's already dark. I thought of giving the driver a beam of my highlight so that he/she will be aware of it. But decided not to because am afraid it might make him/her angry as in a heavy traffic like where we were in, small road congested with cars and everybody trying to get home as fast as they could, a simple highlight like that will be easily misinterpreted.

The Kancil then zoomed to the front, leaving me behind (i mentioned the unique way of driving before).
Before long, there was a fly-over and i can't see the Kancil anymore.
Then, the queue of cars stopped.
And the cars in front me start giving right signal and took the right part of the one lane road.
I then see the problem, which blocked the whole row of cars (including mine) on the fly-over.

The blue Kancil broke down right in the middle of the road, trying to "climb" the fly-over.
And as i passed by the car, i noticed that the driver is a girl.
Duh! Pity her!
I can't imagine myself in her shoes, i dont want to.
I had enough bad experience with cars, and both did not involve rows of car behind me, it will just make my adrenaline pump in a higher concentration.

To recall, last two Fridays, my car "broke down" in IMU hill carpark.
It was 8.40pm and i cant seem to start my car.
I sent an SOS call to my dad and he rushed to my aid, leaving his work from KL.
And i reached home abt 10+ that night.
One month before, my car tyre (or wheel?) burst.
And i sent an SOS to my dad, he came in 15mins time with my 2 brothers to change the tyre for me.
So yes, i sent two SOS-es and neither was disappointed.
I am so glad that I have my dad around, willing to come to my aid anytime i need him.

And that made me realise, we can't live alone in this world.
We need family, we need companions, we need friends, and we need neighbours.
Not to say that without all these we'll die, cos even if u have the whole world knows u (thinking of Obama and Beyonce), u'll still die.
But life will just be imperfect if these important aspects of life are missing.

Over breakfast the next morning after my car "broke down", my dad taught me how to jump start a car.
And my mum snapped him, forbidding him to teach me how to jumpstart a car.
My mum said "She might just get the car burnt or make the condition worse!"
And my dad's counter argument was "She shd know what to do in case of an emergency again! At least she'll not be helpless"
Whoever won that argument, not important. =P
But i know that same colour of the wire shd go to same colour of the port, i think.
Well, isn't that basic electronic (or electricity) we learnt in Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) subject in Form 3?

Anyway, as i drove pass the girl in blue Kancil just now, i really hoped she'll get someone to come to her aid. Anyone, that is trustable.


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  1. I have to agree with your Dad... It's better to know something that you can try in a sticky situation.

    If you made things worse or damaged the car 'more', you'd still be stranded anyway!

    Learn simple things - jump starting, changing tyre, reattaching spark plugs, and battery terminals. where to put in engine oil (if your engine oil light comes on - gets more likely as the car gets older), radiator temporary patch fluid as well as a couple of litres of water in the boot in case of radiator problems.

    It is sometimes useful to have a 'car repair' manual for your car, actually kept in the car if you have no choice but to try and do an emergency (and temporary) repair. And of course, have a few BREAKDOWN RECOVERY service telephone numbers kept inside the car and in your phone's address book.

    Some people like to keep a small can of petrol in the boot - ask your dad id he thinks it's a good idea.

    Keeping the car well serviced can minimise the chance of problems happening, but it's NO guarantee everything will always be smooth.

    Most people don't do this until it's too late!