Saturday, October 3, 2009


I hvnt been writing for quite some time now.
Too many things to study, I felt guilty everytime i face the computer, it's as if i'm wasting my time when there are A LOT MORE SUBJECTS to study on.

Someone told me that he feels like a machine.
Then i realised, yes i hv been feeling the same too.
Wake up in the morning, get ready to uni, breakfast, go to uni, study in lib, lecture, lunch, study in lib again, go home, refresh, study, sleep.
The next day, the same thing all over again.
I did not mention praying here but that doesnt mean i don't pray k....

Why metamorphosis?
Why not metaplasia?
Those two means changing of shape.
Well, the first applies to ALL naturally occurring change while the latter applies to cancer cells (i think so, i hvnt revise that yet).

So yes, i'm undergoing metamorphosis now.
Not that i'll evolving into a beautiful butterfly tomorrow (i wish i could, then evolve back into a girl)
As my mum said, i'm undergoing the training to become a doctor, so yes, living like a machine is parts and parcels of it.
People made us live like that.
We just hv to follow that rule to survive in this so-called modern world.
I dont know, i think so.

Just now i told my mum i'm having headache.
But she didnt hear clearly, she asked back, "Heartache or headache?"
Come to think of it again, i think i'm having both.

I hv been talking abt heart vs brain for few years already.
There are times that my heart and my brain go against each other.
I'm NOT talking abt the heart that is pumping blood and the brain located in my skull.
I'm talking abt the heart and the brain which differs us from other creatures on Earth.
Brain does things logically while heart, do things "heart-ly".

I dont think there's much meaning things i pointed out in this weird post of mine.
I just feel like ranting....
Ok la, that's all.
I gtg to pray now.
Then dinner, and continue my Pathology revision.

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  1. it's a course. engineering, accountancy, law, medicine. they are all courses.

    meant to be studied, enjoyed, meant to make you feel more alive.

    definately not meant to take over your life, or turn you into a robot.

    check this out : a spoof on med school life

    hahaha will surely cheer you up :)