Monday, November 9, 2009

5 Things I Wanna Say on the Eve of My Exam and 5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam

5 Things I Wanna Say On The Eve of My Exam

1. I don't know how ready am I for the exam tomorrow, there is less than 12 hrs left. And this exam is one of the killer exams in IMU. The second killer exam is during Sem5, to ensure a place in the clinical school.

2. I just want to get this over with, fast. I don't want more time because I don't think there's anything much left to be done.

3. I haven't study Bacterial Genetics, i forgot transformation, transposon, conjugation etc etc.

4. Dr. JPJ said students need to know at least 50% of what they were taught in order to pass this exam. I'm sure i know at least 50% of what I was taught. But what if the questions are on the other 50% which I don't know? That means students shd at least know 50% of WHAT ARE TO BE ASKED, NOT WHAT THAT WE WERE TAUGHT.

5. I want to get up tomorrow, feeling confident and happy and strong and smart, so that I can answer the exam with open heart. Amin...

5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam

This is the fun part.

1. I want to read as much novels as I can. I spent more than RM100 for books during MPH sales in IMU last 2 weeks and I can't wait to read those books. I might even be going to IMU library and borrow novels, and maybe spend some time in the library reading novels, as a revenge. I've been staying in the lib for hours, gluing my eyes on the notes, after exam will be the time to read novels!

2. I want to go jalan-jalan. I'm just so tired of being confined to my daily activity (Uni-House-Uni-House) for the last few weeks. I wanna go Low Yat, I wanna go Sunway (this Sat!!), I wanna go OU, I wanna go Mines.. (greedy)

3. I want to spend time surfing the net, reading latest news, getting new stories, updating myself with the world.

4. I want to watch House Season 6!

5. I want to relax, sleep, eat and play guilt-less-ly...


What I Want To Do Next? Sleep! (but only after i go find what bacterial genetics mean, read HIV and Immunodeficiency & arrange my notes for tomorrow etc etc) Duh!

I'm tagging my fb friends, if you guys feel like writing, can just write under "5 Things I Wanna Say on the Eve of My Exam and 5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam" or perhaps if you guys are reading this after the exam, "5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam" .
It'll be fun to read!

Good Luck to MeDt109!!
We Can Do It!!

-Because Life is A Test-


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  1. gudluck..
    ma'attaufiq wannajah..
    moga ALLAH sentiasa bersama adik-adikku..