Monday, November 30, 2009

Blinded by the media

The Malaysian media is totally dependent on the so-called wire services (Reuters, AP, AFP, etc) for foreign news. As a result there has been no report on the Israeli desecration of the al-Aqsa mosque and the beating up of Palestinian Muslims who wanted to pray there.

I don't think the Malaysian media is deliberately blacking out news which are not in favour of Israel but if they depend solely on the wire services they would always be unfair to the victims of Israeli brutalities

We read very little about the blockade of Gaza and the sufferings of the people there.

What Israel is doing is illegal, but such is the control that Israel exercises on the international media that it can actually openly commit genocide and nothing would happen to it.

These are the people whom we had sympathised with because the Nazis of Germany tried to wipe out.

Now they are the ones doing the very thing they, or their forebears had suffered from in the past.

Akmar says:
Well, this is not my writing.
Dr M's. (Malaysians, pls know who he is)
I'm merely copying and pasting it here.
Still want to stay blinded?

Quoting Dr M DOESN'T make me a pro-govt. And saying this doesnt make me a pro-opposition. I prefer the truth and corruption free, wherever they may come from (and i guess many of us will know where they WONT come from). =P


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