Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boycott Israel COMPLETE Family and Friends Day


I was supposed to write this one week before, as it was held on Saturday, Nov 14th 2009.
But i have been sleeping endlessly the past one week and i decided to write abt it only now.

COMPLETE or now known as VIVA Palestina Malaysia organised a Friends and Family Day in Sunway Pyramid, KL.

The events are bowling and ice skating. Participants will wear the boycott Israel t-shirts and participate in either bowling or ice skating for FREE!!!

7 girls including me (Akmar, Diana, Farahin, Fathin Najib, Atieqa, Nabihah, Mizah) and 3 boys (Aizuddin, Syahil and Lokman) participated from IMU. We reached Sunway at approximately 11am. After breakfast and lunch (yes, both in Sunway) we proceeded to the bowling arena for registration and t-shirt collection. Each t-shirt cost only RM10 (student price).

After registration, cloth changing, we went for Zuhur prayers and then only to the skating rink.

We reached the rink around 1.30pm, after all the hassle in wearing the skating shoes and changing the size again and again, we are ready to skate!

But only to discover that the rink is going to be closed, because they need to "clean" it first. After waiting another 20mins, we then managed to go into the rink. The last time i skate was when i was 14 (i think), which was 5 yrs back! Ad thank God i still got the hang of it. When we first arrive at the rink, there weren't many COMPLETE @ VIVA Palestina skaters yet but as time passes, more and more COMPLETE skaters join the crowd. At one point, i think there were more than 50 of us! And i was very proud and happy. We certainly made an appearance, the public acknowledged us, observed the tshirts and some ask Qs.

There was one Chinese auntie who asked me where am I from. And I answered from COMPLETE, and I talked a bit abt the oppression on the Palestinians. I'm not sure whether the aunt got what i said as the surrounding was SO loud. At last the aunt asked me (this was at the entrance to the skate rink where we're supposed to scan our tickets for entry), "Mau lawan ka kt dlm tu?" or literally means "Are you going to fight in there?"
I was dumbstrucked for a while. Err...

"Oh no! We're not picking up any fight here, we come in peace!" That's the first thing crossed my mind, given the fact that my last COMPLETE walkaround alerted the security and we were literally chased out of Carrefour in MidValley fearing that we might terrorise (yea right, our cameras can shoot a bullet up to 200m without missing the target and we are all trained to become sharp shooter using our laser eyes and we have jedi forces, if that's what the Carrefour ppl are scared of)

Then i realised, the aunt thought we're in a competition, an ice skating competition, and we are all wearing our "uniforms". And i laughed at my own foolishness and unnecessary fear. So i smiled and told the aunt that we are not in any competition.

We skate for approx 2 hrs, my legs were aching by then but it was worth it.
Some ppl asked where can they get the tshirts and i told them we got it from the bowling arena but since once we go out of the rink, we can't enter back, they do not want to go to get the tshirts. Hence i gave them the url for COMPLETE website and asked them to check for any
event updates there. And i hope they really do.

COMPLETE skaters in the rink are not only of students and youngsters but also family with small little children. And man, they really look cute in those tiny little boycott tshirts!!

After skating, all 10 of us separated into 3 groups and walked our own way. After a session of camwhoring with Diana, both of us went for Asar prayers and walked around Sunway. Not exactly around, only some parts of it. My legs can't bear the ache anymore, i was even scared i might get crammed legs (muscle fatigue) while driving! Guess what, Diana went crammed in the middle of the rink, and i had to literally drag her out of the rink (oops, sorry Diana! Haha..)

As for bad experiences, no i did not experience any this time. Apart from the awkwardness when me and Diana were walking and there was a Coca Cola booth, they were giving free drinks away. And we bravely walked pass thru them, twice (we lost our direction actually)! At first they offered to give us the drinks, but we rejected. And it was like seeing a cat diplomating with a dog (just a stupid example to say that there are two girls wearing a tshirt with a very big Boycott Coca Cola logo in the circle of workers wearing red Coca Cola tshirts with BIG Coca Cola logo at the booth).

Come to think of it again, it's ok to DRINK Coca Cola, but it's certainly not ok to BUY Coca Cola. The purpose of boycotting is because we do not want to spend money on companies which are obviously channelling fund to the occupation of Palestine. But if the drink are given for free, we are not actually contributing any money, do we? Except for us contributing as an indirect ads for them. But since i am never a fan of carbonated drinks, even if Coke is not contributing to the atrocity, I'll not drink it anyway.

One of the boys from IMU was actually stopped by a Loreal promoter. The promoter demanded for the reasons why is Loreal being boycotted and he wasnt satisfied and was unhappy that this friend of mine is wearing a huge boycott Loreal logo on his tshirt.
I wasnt there thus i did not know how the argument went abt, i heard this from a third party.

Some other bad experience (which has got nothing to do with the tshirts):

1. I forgot which level did i park my car. Even Farahin (from the other car) forgot! We panicked for a while and luckily we managed to find our respective car, fast.

2. Me and Diana got stucked in a lift while searching for my car. The lift door won't open and i panicked. Getting stucked in the lift is one of the thing i want the last in life. I pressed the bell button so hard as if my life depended on it. Luckily it wasnt for long. Nobody came to our rescue, haha.. The lift functioned back after a while.

3. I got lost while driving back. Paid a lot of toll. But fortunately i wasn't caught in any jam. And was lucky too as my Touch n Go is sponsored by my mum. =) I reached home at 740pm despite the fact that i went out of Sunway at almost 7 and i sent Diana to Sri Petaling LRT station.

Any other bad experience? Not anymore that i can think of for now. Anyone want to add some more experience? You're more than welcomed! =)

-Because every life is worth it-


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