Monday, December 7, 2009

Bits of Experience; In Search of A Netbook =)

Brands available: Toshiba, Fujitsu, Lenovo, MSI, Asus, Acer, HP, Sony, Dell

1) Lenovo does not recommend Windows 7 with Intel Atom.

2) Fujitsu, Toshiba and Dell recommend Win 7 with a netbook.

3) Try to ask all the salesman in Low Yat or PC fair if Win 7 is compatible with a netbook. U'll get 1001 answers. Some say "yes, definitely" or "no, never" or "yes, but vry slow" or "no, i dont recommend that". So far i think it's ok.

4) Windows 7 Starter is sufficient. Other edition available: Win 7 Home Basic, Win 7 Home Premium, win 7 Professional. Those whose netbook come with XP OS will say Win 7 Starter is very very basic, cant do anything with it. So they'll ask u to maintain XP. Those with Win 7 Starter netbook will say Win7 is enough. Those who do nt have their own principle will say Win 7 Starter is too basic because it's "starter".

5) Acer and HP and maybe Dell (someone told me) are the most unreliable brands. Well, i dont know the truth, read here. Toshiba is reliable, so is Asus. Fujitsu is good too.

6) Toshiba netbook come with a DDRIII RAM so, dont dream of using the extra DDRII u hv at home (i'm telling this to myself).

7) Opt for a bigger screen netbook. Sometimes the netbook is big but the screen is small.

8) Bring translator along. The salesmen will just love to speak in their own language thinking we dont understand what they're saying. Haha... They chose the wrong customer at the wrong time. Sorry...! =)

9) Sony is expensive, but stylo. =P

10) Don't jump into any decision in buying a netbook or notebook or anything as a matter of fact. Survey the price first. And their free gifts. =)

I can't think of anything else YET. I might update this post if i remember anything new. =)



  1. go for HP Mini 311...
    11 inch, 250GB hard disk, 1.66 GHz Atom processor...

    RM 1799

    I know its too geeky for u... here's the verdict...

    Its very worth it and performs very well.

  2. go for HP akmar.

    not bcoz i'm a HP user but seriously,like Raymond Tan said, its worth buying.

  3. Hahaha....
    I guessed this post will somehow attract those computer geeks. And my prediction is true enough, in just less than 24 hrs... =P

    I bought Toshiba NB200 for RM1,419. So far it's ok, only that the screen is very small. But since it's a netbook, that's what i shd expect eh?

    But i've been hearing ppl say HP is unreliable.... But the 2 of u are recommending HP? Make me pening only... Tp xpe la, i am satisfied with mine now. =)

  4. oh.dah beli ke?ceh..ceh..

    hah.sape yg kate hp unreliable?sape?sape?hp/compaq bgs kau da bli pun ok je.

    p/ geeks?