Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Humanitarian Aid Convoy Blocked by The Inhumane Egyptian Govt

27th Dec 09

11.00 pm - I was chatting in YM.
11.12 pm - I received an sms.
Salam. Egypt is blocking the humanitarian convoy to Palestine. People in convoy stranded in Jordan have gone on hungerstrike! Viva Palestina Malaysia will hand over a letter of appeal to d egyptian embassy in KL tomorrow. VPM appeal 4 people 2 turn up as a sign of support. Customisable map to the embassy = http://tinyurl.com/yd3vauz. Please be there at 12.00 noon and pass on this message. Tq
My heart leapt.
I wanna go to the embassy the next day...!
I'll give up almost all plans i hv the nxt day just to be there...

After much "appeal" to my mum, she allowed me to go.
With a condition, "Don't get urself involved if things ever turn nasty"
Great! I wont want to jeopardise myself (and my scholarship too) so that's nvr a problem.
I started drafting out my plans for the day. How, when and where shd i go.

28th Dec 09

1.56 am - Sleep
Subuh - Woke up.
Check CIMB Clicks if JPA has banked in my allowance. Disappointed.
Get ready for the day.
Etc etc etc

12.00pm - Reached Jln Ampang Hilir. Where on earth is the embassy?
12.15 (i guess) - Oh, there are a lot of ppl here. This must be it. Let's join them.

Ppl talk to each other, discussing the Egyptian's ridiculous act of blocking the convoy.
What is their excuse this time?
They heartlessly closed the Rafah crossing one year ago, blocking all aids into Gaza when Israel was shooting phosphorus bombs into the strip.
They violently caught and killed Imam Hassan al Banna 60 yrs back because he fought the government, demanding to protect the Palestinians via Ikhwanul Muslimin.
And now, they are blocking the humanitarian convoy?

12.30 pm -
Ms Azra Banu said she will ring the bell. Everyone is to be ready (Pls, not to fight. Just to stop talking).
The gate is opened.
Some officers appeared.

Uhuh, i cant hear their discussion. But i'm sure it's abt the gathering and entry into the embassy compund.

Ok, over-the-gate discussion ended. Only 15 ppl can get in. Since i was really far from the gate, i wont make it to go in. Plus, i need to look after my sis (whom i drag frm school to come with me). I cant possibly leave her out there. So yeah, bye reps. Go into the embassy, and strike a deal with them! I'll be out here waiting for good news.

And the gate was closed.....

Supporters waiting outside the gate.

Approx 20mins later...
Gate opened....
Everyone can go in... =)

The ambassador gave a brief talk. I was glad i brought my camera.
I searched for my mp3, i wanna record what is he saying but after searching for it in my bag, i cant find the mp3! I really thought i put it into the bag before going out just now...
Ish.. Nvm.. Just listen properly.....

"We agreed to let the convoy pass"
"Yeay... Alhamdulillah..."
"But, there is some technical problem....."

"Huh?" Akmar thinks: Yeah, pls give us MORE excuses....

Then he started explaining "excuses".
He said the port that the convoy planned to use cannot accommodate such a huge convoy. And he said the gov has asked the convoy to change their route but they refused (says they).
And so, they will request that the convoy change their route to a bigger port.

Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir was there. She questioned the ambassador. Seriously i was frustrated i didnt hear what was her Qs. I was so far behind...

I still think it's only their excuse.
The WHOLE WORLD knows that Egypt has NEVER been a helping hand to Gaza.
The country of the pyramids hv been neglecting its responsibilities towards fellow brothers and sisters in Gaza, co-operating with Israel.
They closed the Rafah tunnel, blocking the only (why must there be only???) possible way of communication.
Now, they block the convoy.
Who knows what will they do next?
Launch an attack towards Gaza?

We were then shown the way out.
And outside, Ms Azra thanked everyone coming...
And assuring that Viva Palestina Malaysia will be organising more activities as a show of support towards the Palestinians.
Great! =)

After it all ended, i went to my bestie's (Pls, not beast's. Hahaha....) hse.
She cooked lunch with her mum, and coincidentally, they are my fav dishes.
So, thanks to Diana and her mum for the splendid lunch!
Later that day, while i was searching for something else in my bag, i found my mp3 player. Duh! As if my bag is that big... When i needed it, the mp3 doesnt wanna come out. When i'm looking for something else, it appeared.
No wonder ppl say,"Don't look for it. Then only it will come"



  1. driz's scribblesDecember 29, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    akmar, thanks for putting up pictures of ur support at the embassy.. im glad to see my teachers there, (u know who they are :D

    u're most welcome for the lunch.. my mum loves the fruits u brought us.. :D

    please come again ok..?
    about ur mp3, it reminds me of the incident in old town ampg point.. u couldnt find ur car keys... hehehehe...
    i think next time u go shopping for bags, get one with many compartments ;D

  2. ohh...
    i forgot to tell u abt the fruits!
    yg grapes tu, ada yg x elok sgt...
    and, plastik tu koyak bcos i tear off the price tag.. haha....

    haha.. yg incident kt old town tu..... (malunye... i think even the waiters pun gelak...)

  3. The convoy (vehicles, aid and personnel) is finally supposed to get in there today or tomorrow. I fear for the time when the convoy leaves and the Egyptians put that abominable steel wall up :(

    You might remember about two years ago the Palestinians were forced to blew up part of the Egyptian border so that they could get luxuries of huge extravagance, namely food and water, clothing etc…

    The future looks bleak, so we need to fight all the harder. Amin!


    p.s. this blog rocks!

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