Saturday, December 5, 2009

It changes again

Like i predicted, the decision to limit SPM subjects taken by stdnts to 10 will be changed in a year's time. And it did, luckily.

But i dont really understand how it works this time. Because the news (The Star, Sat Dec 5 09) stated that stdnts are allowed to take Chinese or Tamil literature. So, what abt those science stream stdnts who intend to take Accountings or Economy etc?
Are they allowed to do so?

IMHO, i think stdnts shd be permitted to take extra subjects because they are solely responsible for the # of subjects they took (with the exception of pressure from lunatic parents). I cant find the news excerpt during the days when the govt decided to limit the # of SPM subjects so i cant verify the reason behind the decision. But if i am not mistaken, it was because too many stdnts are trying to break records going up to 20 subjects. But still, out of the more than 400 000 (it is 465, 853 stdnts for 2009) stdnts taking SPM, there will always be less than 15 stdnts taking up tp 16, 17 subjects. And that is only like 0.0000375% of the total SPM stdnts. Why should the whole population of SPM stdnts being limited from taking extra subjects?

And if the stdnts themselves are capable of studying all the 30 sbjects (pls, this is a hyperbola for those who are too straight), then they shd be given all the support they need. Even if there shd be any limititation, for any reason beyond my knowledge and thinking (which i shall think is shallow), then a limit 0f 15 should be ok. 10 is just too little! And i'm talking based on experience. A pure science stream stdnt will have a minimum of 10 subjects. Say the stdnt is studying in a chinese school, then the stdnt must take chinese language. And say the stdnt will also want to take Accounting or Economy, for the sake of knowledge (don't argue, accounting @ economy @ money management is a crucial skill to live) then the # of SPM subjects will be AT LEAST 12. With the limitation, the stdnt will have to sacrifice 2 subjects. Not unfair enough?

Limiting the # to only 10 is an example of limiting the potential of a bright stdnt. And Malaysia is supposed to grow with that? It was the same with PTS (Penilaian Tahap Satu) where Standard 3 students are promoted to Standard 5 (without going thru Std 4) if the stdnt passed PTS exam. For me, it was a very good exam. Std 4 syllabus isn't difficult to catch up. And parents saved one whole year of school fees, pocket money, time and energy plus school uniform. And the stdnt also save a year. I wasnt sure why the exam was cancelled but ppl told me it was bcos some of the stdnts who were promoted cant make it. They cant cope with the promotion. But, how was the proportion of stdnts who can cope to stdnts who cant cope? Just bcos there are some stdnts who cant cope, that privilege should not be taken away from all students. I am sure the exam was still on in the year 1999 and 2000 but i am not sure what was the last year for the exam.

p/s: I am talking frm my point of view. And i accept any comment (if there is). =)
Btw, i'm also thinking of my bro's future. If he's not allowed to take more than 10 subjects...he will hv to sacrifice some of the SPM subjects his taking now. =(





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