Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two Little Angels

Since the commencement of the school holiday, my uncle put his two sons in my hse.
And these two 2 and 4 yr olds really turned my hse upside down but won our hearts at the same time.

I cant believe a boy can be so troublesome at one time but yet so lovable.

They can't still talk properly and i am still adapting to their language.
Our conversations:

1. "Heyy....Jgn mkn betul2!! Mkn tipu2 je....!!"
This was my dialogue when the 4 yr old took my car dashboard mat, and coook it like a roti canai, and serve me some. And he really tried to eat it despite using his bro's slippers as the spatula.

2. "Noooo!!! Don't play with thaaaatt.....!!"
This is also mine when the 2 yr old took a pair of chopsticks and turn them into zorro swords.

3. "Pegi kencing..pegi kencing...." (Me)
"Sy x cing..x cing...." (The 4 yr old)
This is heard every 2,3 hrs everyday. We are training the 4 yr old toilet manners. He's still wearing diapers at 4 yrs old! And if i forgot to remind him to go to the toilet....... everyone knows what happen. There was once he said "Sy nk cing, sy nk cing" in the car and my heart leapt. I drove even faster so that we reach home fast...

4. "Sape buat ni?" (My family or me, pointing to any wound on the 4 yr old.)
"Adik....." (The 4 yr old answered.)
Yes, that's the truth. The smaller one will bully the bigger one. And the bigger one will just run and run frm his younger bro but when he is angry........ok, let's not make him angry. Separate them when the 2 yr old started hitting the 4 yr old.

This video was recorded when the two kids were playing with each other. The smaller sized one is 2 yrs old while the bigger one is 4. Notice who is actually bullying who...

5. "Xde ke org nk main dgn bdk2 ni?" (Me in desperation when the two kids started messing up
with my laptop and room. Usually my two younger bros will be playing ultraman, naruto, spiderman, superman or juz any man with them)

And the list goes on.....

No wonder my mum said our hse was empty, without any decorations when me and my siblings were small. My mum cant even have a vase in the hse. It'll get destroyed in no time.
I dropped the television once, and it dropped right in front of my brother. But the tv survived! Until now, 15 yr old tv...

My mum cant even have picture frames arranged nicely on shelves, cute wall decorations, or nicely put antiques and elegant looking teapot set bcos me and my siblings will successfully destroy them. And now, my youngest brother is 13 yrs old, my mum has started decorating the hse.

Small miniature DIY bicycle on the shelve, photo frames on dressing table, flower vases (which i broke one last yr), and glasswares. My siblings collection of dvds and PS2 games arranged nicely in their respective folders near the TV cabinet. They are all gone now.

The bicycle lost its handle, photo frames broken, vases still there (bcos they are made of rattan, i broke the porcelain one), and DVDs hidden in my drawer. And my bros specs are bent.

The carpet in the main hall is always folded, never straightened and cushions upside down.
Fuh, how come i made these two boys sound more like little devils than little angels?

They are still angels, bcos they are kids. No matter what they do, they are innocent.

I asked the 4 yr old,
"Syg ayah x?"

"Syg mummy x?"


"Lg syg sape?"
"Sy syg kakak...."

And i melt...
Ok kid, do what u like.
Piss me off, make me angry, long as u say u love me... Hahahaha...

They were playing with my bro's roller blades..

But at times, i'm sad.
Here, my cousins and almost all kids in Malaysia get all the love they needed.
But what abt those in Palestine?
Life is totally the opposite for them.
Seeing their own parents being killed in front of them, blood shed almost everywhere.
And friends going out, without ever coming back...
They don't hv the childhood life the philosophers are boasting abt when America, Israel and their counterparts "peacefully" forcefully take from them when the whole world turning their blind eyes to the atrocity..
Wake up o people!
The children of Palestine need you!
Even my 2 yr old cousin will cry so hard everytime his father left them for work, (the 4 yr old being more understandind and didnt cry), imagine a Palestine kid losing their family members. Unbearable for me...!

Coming back to my two little angels, they look so sweet and cute when they were sleeping!
Haha.. Love them so much... But pls, adik2.. dont disturb my laptop, i love that laptop too...!! And it cost me a fortune buying it last time...


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