Monday, December 7, 2009

What Has Civilisation Done To Us??

Human started of as nomadic population.
Stayed in the cave, hunt animals for food and mate to ensure survival.
Hundreds of centuries passed, now we are divided into 7 continents with approx 210 countries with ONE country being inappropriately, cruelly and illegally formed on the land of the Palestinians.

Over the years of development, the human nation improved mentally, physically and emotionally. The barbaric years passed (but all of us know barbarians are still out there, disguising themselves in nice branded shirts with necktie, commanding troops of soldiers and army to kill other nation violently). I'm not sure how human eat in those days but now, we started using fork and spoon, and some culture is still using hands, well that's totally ok with me, the eastern culture always use hands, it's the westerners who brought the fork and spoon culture to us. Civilisation is supposed to make our life easier but now i think it made our lives more difficult. Just imagine, a "proper" dining table. How many types of forks and spoons will be there? There are even table manners around! Why cant we just lead a simple life, table manner being sitting properly at the table, not kicking each other, and respect to the elderly etc etc. I mean, just logic manners shd be sufficient. Why would we need that extra complicated table setting? Why are we making lives even more difficult for us?

1) Having a door mat is practical but not necessarily the door mat must be elegant looking.
2) One other "civilisation"


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