Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Week

First week of sem 3 had just ended.
Wow, sem 3...
Time sure flies.... =)

The week kicked start beautifully, with Diana registering into IMU as a first year Pharmacy student. I even attended her white coat ceremony. Since Pharm stdnts are not as many as Medicine, they have a special robing ceremony.
Seniors will put on the white coat onto each new student. I cant imagine how long will it take if they do the same for Medical stdnts.

But, only the first week, i started to feel how heavy this sem will be.
Although rumors had it that semester 3 wont be as difficult as sem 2, it is still scary...
There are no more "intro" lectures.
We had a one hour lecture on ECG alone, confusing me with all the leads and vectors. And surely, the lecturer's accent did not help much.

I learnt not to judge ppl quickly this time. Give them more time.
Honestly speaking, last semester, after the first PBL session, i disliked my facilitator.
I thought of her as a "sound pollution".
She kept talking, dominating the session, when she's actually supposed to only facilitate us, not giving us everything.

My 2nd session with her did not get any better. In fact, i dreaded it, and the sessions to come.
However, i didnt realise when i changed my mind.
I gradually grew fonder of her.
I find her a comfortable teacher to be with, easy to approach, humble and friendly.
At the end of the semester, I didnt want to let her go, i wanted her to stay my PBL faci, with the rest of my PBL mates.

Yes, for those who know, i'm talking abt Dr Cho Min Naing.
She's a nice lady.
But, we dont always get what we want, as usual.
I get a new faci, and a whole new PBL mates this time around. Luckily Tay is still in my group, or i'll feel alone. Haha...

My first session with the faci did not go vry well, she didnt allow us to combine our PBLs, which will obviously make us easier.
But i learnt, not to judge. Give her time.
Perhaps i'll grow fonder of her as time passes. Perhaps......

One thing i hate the most this semester is the timing of the lectures!
My lectures are from 1.30 - 3.45 every Mon - Thurs.
And i go for lectures after lunch.
With the aircond, and the "lullaby" by the lecturers, and cushy seats, aren't it just tempting to sleep??

Postpandrial somnolence, the state of drowsiness or lassitude following a meal.
It can even be explained scientifically...!
U eat, ur digestive tract is being filled.
Parasympathetic nervous system predominates, blood flow is channeled to the gastrointestinal system, less blood supply to the rest of the body.
Pupil constriction, heavy eyelids....
And before i know it......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

I really hope i can find a way to overcome this.
I cant afford to be sleepy in the lecture theater for the nxt 6 months!
Perhaps i shd try skipping my lunch?
Or shd i avoid taking rice?
Or shd i eat only bread?

And one more abt the timing of the lecture.
It's not suitable for prayers....
Hurm... Class starts at 1.30pm, and ends at 3.45pm with only 15mins break after the first hour.
Zuhur is getting later, and i dont wanna be late for class, neither do i want to perform my prayer late.
It's such a dilemma.

Today's a Saturday, i've been lazing around all day.
And my mum actually confiscated my handphone.
She caught me on bed, with laptop switched on (i was watching korean drama) and hp in my hands. And all i was doing at that time, are things she doesnt want me to spend much time on; dramas, messaging, and lazing around. So yeah, been caught red-handed.

She took the phone and hid it.
She asked me not to look for it, and she'll only return it to me after 24hrs.
I have more than 12hrs to's only 6.56pm now....
So for those who tried to reach me, sorry....
I'll get back to u tomorrow.

Ok, that's all my "celoteh" for now.
Enjoy the weekend!
Another week waiting!

-Because life is a test-


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  1. dr cho?
    mmg susah nak fhm dia ckp..kdg2 dia ckp 30mins, akk blh fhm 5mins je..
    tp but she' realllyyyyyyyyyyyy nice, helpful and supportive...