Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping My Hands Clean

Yesterday during dinnet, my brother told the family "I dissected a frog yesterday!"
And i was like    =.="

Due to some inevitable situation, i missed the frog dissecting session when i was form 4.
And he continued,
"I thought i'll hv goosebumps holding the slimy green frog but it turned out very well! I felt like a pro...!"
"I cut the frog open, and oh man, the skin can easily be teared off. And i can see the frog's heart beating!"
"And we saw the liver and the intestine. And my friends are making jokes abt seeing the duodenum, the pancreas and all....."

"And at the end of the lab session, we decided to "destroy" the frog. We took all organs out and at last, we saw the spinal cord! In the empty frog body!"

I'm jealous...
Been hearing abt friends in other med school dissecting cadaver almost every day, and here in IMU we're merely dissecting the models in medical museum (Keep telling myself, i hv to be grateful.... At least i get a chance to study medicine! Things can be a lot worse.... At least i'm not in Gaza, or Haiti)
Now, not only friends, even my younger brother is making me jealous.

He asked me, "What has u done or dissect so far?"
I answered blushingly, "The most i had done, so far, is using that device to check blood glucose level, the one mum has, poke into my own finger, and see my own my blood cells under the microscope".

I really tried to EMPHASISE on the fact that i did a slide on my own blood cells and examine it under the microscope. I'm pretty sure he wont get the chance to do it in school. But me myself wasnt really convinced that examining ur own blood cells is cool, compared to dissecting a living frog!

And of course, the dinner session ended with him laughing his heart out at me saying that even him can teach me to dissect now, and my mum trying to back me up saying she can buy me a living frog from the nearest market for me to dissect. We shall get the equipments from my sister's St John club at school, expertise from my brother, and choloroform from my mum school's lab to anaesthetise the frog. And so, whether or not this self-experiment succeed (which personally i dont think it will), i'll keep my fingers crossed!


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