Saturday, January 16, 2010

Very Illogic!

What is?
Korean dramas laaaa....

1. The heroin is too cute, too silly, too nice, too naive, too kind hearted, too...........................

2. Even if the heroin is from a poor family, but her clothes are all fashionable, new and stylish.

3. The heroin is always pretty, fresh-looking even after 10 rounds of running on the field. No sweat, no nothing. C-L-E-A-N. Her hair is neat, still straight@curly, no "misplaced" fringe.

4.The heroin can fall asleep ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, still looking pretty, and the hero will always have to carry the heroin to an appropriate sleeping place. =.="

5. The heroin will still look vry pretty even afyer crying her heart out.

6. There will ALWAYS be two heroes, one very kind hearted and warm, and one very cool and stubborn. BOTH will fall for the heroin, but the heroin will ALWAYS fall for the cool and stubborn one.

7.  Either the hero or the heroin will be super-rich while the other is poor @ from a normal family.

8.  The school or univ where the hero or/and heroin attend(s) never conducted any class, nor give sufficient homework or assignments. The characters appear to play, date, and have fun in school. No need to study, no class to attend, no lecturer to be scared off.

9.  If the hero is handsome, all the other girls (the extra actresses) can just stare at the heroes, without feeling ashamed of themselves.

10. There is no such thing as "ashamed" for the heroin. They can do anything they want, it will still appear cute.

11. How come the heroin can prepare a very very cute lunch box for the heroes? Lunch box with cartoon food, decorations and stuff? How do they even thought of the food deco? And know how to do it well when they dont even cook daily in the drama?

And i'm pretty sure there are lots and lots more of illogic scenes in the dramas, but yet the dramas achieved high rating among viewers.
I think this is because everyone knows that whatever happens in the drama, WILL NEVER happen in real life, and to watch these dramas, one are brought to the fantasy land.

Anyone else would like to add illogical scenes in the drama?


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  1. "to watch these dramas, one are brought to the fantasy land."

    sama Twilight lor! ;p