Thursday, February 4, 2010

Streamyx, bad?

Lately i can only go online when i am in IMU.
This is due to the fact that the No1 broadband in Malaysia actually frustrated me.
My modem lights keep blinking, indicating of the lack of internet connection.
Interestingly enough, every time i take up the house phone to call streamyx, the light stopped blinking, they stay lit.

And this doesnt happen only once.
When i first called streamyx, i gotta go through lines of operators.
Untuk BM press 1, for English press 2
For telephone and data, press1. For internet, press 2 and bla bla bla...

And by the time i reach a human to talk to, their staff, the lights are stable and steady. NO BLINKING.
So, i dont hv any report to be done anymore, and according to the telephonist who checked my acc, i am connected to the internet.
Then, i say thank you and hang up.
Then, the lights start blinking again!

I didnt notice the pattern at first but after a few idiotic attempts to call them to report and putting the phone down when the modem lights go stable, i finally see the pattern.
And so, every night after IMU, if i want to go online, i would hv to do a phone call using my hse phone.
So far, i've only called streamyx and hang up JUST BEFORE i am connected to the telephonist.
And then, i will call them again, hear all the adverts and instructions from the operator, to keep my internet going and then putting down the phone again JUST BEFORE i am connected to the human telephonist.

I hv yet to try calling other ppl to see if the same trick works.
U see, i cant just put down on ppl while they were talking neither can i talk while surfing the internet at the same time.
And so, life is a test.
And without doubt, i am writing this in IMU library.... =P



  1. patience dear ....... life isnt always so convenient !!

  2. potong!potong!potong! (???)

  3. Blinking lights huh?

    I think you might have a problem with your 'splitter' - the cubical thingy with one input wire and two output wires, of which one is connected to your phone and another to your modem.

    Why don't you try connecting the input wire to the splitter directly to your modem. Then restart your modem. Good luck trying.

    P/s: I had the same problem, and thanks to Streamyx, their technician came even on the eve of Hari Raya!