Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Distractions at Home

If I study at home,

  1. I'll be very much attached to the internet in front of me
  2. I'll be going up and down the stairs as an excuse of relieving my body of ache as a result of sitting too much.
  3. I'll be heading to the kitchen every now and then, open the fridge and have a bite or two on whatever edible in the fridge. And my aunt had just came back from Australia, she brought lots of chocs back. Arrghh...
  4. I'll be going to the mirror and start brushing my hair and pin here and there and then get back to my desk.
  5. I'll be going into my room, look at my bed longingly and decided not to sleep.
  6. I'll be pitying myself for having to study and decided to sleep on the couch, putting my alarm 30minutes later. And wakes up 1 hour later.
  7. I'll get frustrated when I dont have enough reference book and hoped I can have a med library at home.

Conclusion: Home Sweet Home


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