Friday, April 30, 2010

For The Past One Week

I fell sick last Saturday.
Couldn't get up from bed for two days.
Spent the weekend on bed.

Went to clinic on Monday, blood count was normal.

Went to PBL on Tuesday morning, periodic cough attacks, I gotta run out of the room in the middle of discussion a few times, gasping for air.
Wondering how to survive two hours in the lecture theatre, fairly sure the periodic unstoppable cough will be attacking and batchmates' attention will be disturbed by my endless periodic cough.
Thought of hanging out with Dina and Sarah at Sunway. Plan didnt work out.
Light headedness in the afternoon, went back home.
Slept the whole evening.
Study a bit at night.

Wednesday, still coughing badly...
Need to run to the toilet few times, stomach content banging to get out, but through the wrong direction.
In desperate need of a bronchodilator.
Did not go for lecture.
Self study at home, blogged and fb-ed (wasting time basically).

Thursday, got up late.
Did not go for lecture too.
Coughing better than Wednesday but still need to run to the toilet every now and then.
Frequency of periodic cough decreases, severity of each attack is almost the same.

And now, 6 minutes before Friday.

So basically, i spent most of my weekdays this week at home.
I didn't attend any of the lectures this week and there is no lecture tomorrow on Friday.
I officially skipped (with a good reason) the whole week's lecture.

But, i managed to write SIX blog posts in a week, when before this it might take me three weeks to write one post.
I managed to clean up my work station at home.
I spent more time at home.
I saved a lot on eating my meals in IMU.
I think I gained weight.

I managed to calm myself down.
I managed to watch some news.
I don't have to spend time on driving.

I am still coughing.

I am sleepy.

I wanna sleep. Goodnight.

It's 12.01am now.
It's already Friday!


Friday 30th April 2010

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