Friday, April 30, 2010

Just If That Did Not Happen

"Just if that did not happen, i could have............"

"If I did not................ I might have..............."

"Just if........................"

I think most of us might have said or at least thought of these sentences at any part of our life.
Or worse, some of us might still think this and kept in heart for years, regretting of something that had happened years ago.

I read that Muslims are not supposed to say "just if i hadn't done this etc etc" when something goes wrong, because everything that happened are the work of God, and there is no way we could have changed it. I'm sorry but I only know that this is from a hadith, a Sahih Muslim.

I had, thought of these sentences before.
But not for long because I clearly know that if that did not happen, other things might have happened, and whatever I am facing now will not happen.
So for me, anyone who hold on to the sentence is actually someone who DOES NOT appreciate what he/she is having in his/her life now.

If whatever it is that that person regret happened did not happen, he/she will not have what he/she has in his life now.

              Z lost his watch in a camping he went with friends last semester holiday. He went to search for the watch with his friends and they spent 1 hour looking for it all around, under the tent, behind the trees, beside the river, behind the toilet, basically everywhere. But they couldn't find it. 

            Z regretted bringing that watch to the camping, his mother had even reminded him not to bring it there because he was a very careless boy. Z brought it because he wanted to show his friends his new watch. Now, Z is already at home, telling his mother that he lost the watch. He was scolded. 

          Z regretted so much that he wished he could have turned back the time so that he will not bring that watch, or leave that watch unattended during the camp. He is willing to exchange almost anything he has to turn the time back. 

         Two years passed, Z still cannot forget the watch and he still regrets bringing the watch to the camping. He bought a new watch but, he still long for the old watch.

In my honest opinion, Z shouldn't have regretted, things happened, the damage is done. 
If he had not lose his watch at that time, he would not have searched for the watch for an hour with his friends. The watch-hunt miraculously strengthened their friendship and they are the best friends Z can ever bargain for. 

Or, if he had not lose the watch, Z would not have learnt from his mistake not to leave his belongings unattended. He might leave even more valuable things unattended, say his wallet or mobile phone.

Had Z not lose the watch, something else might had happened to him. They will not be an hour late, but they might have got involved with an accident on their way back home. They escaped that accident because they were an hour late, searching for the watch.

Had Z not lose the watch, his mother would not have scolded him. By scolding him, his mother might had avoided some other bad things in her life. His mother might be tired after scolding him and decided to rest at home when initially she planned to go to the market. Maybe on that day, the meat sold in the market were infected meat. People eating that meat were sent to the hospital for food poisoning. Seeing him scolded, his siblings knew and learnt that they should listen when their mum asked them not to bring valuables to camping. 

So many things happened just because of ONE thing, be it a good or a bad thing.
And ALL these had been planned by Him. Nothing can change His law, His plan. Nothing can challenge His power.

And by regretting his action bringing the watch to the camping, Z is not being appreciative. 
He does not appreciate the fact that he is still alive when he could have been killed in the accident he missed by being an hour late. He does not appreciate the fact that his siblings have became one step wiser, learning from his mistake instead of making their own. He does not appreciate the friendship he has now with his friends, which was greatly strengthened by the watch-hunting process.
He also does not appreciate the fact that his mother is still alive and well, for avoiding something bad in her life, had she not spent time scolding him 2 years back.

I know this example may sound ridiculous but, it applies, the concept is still there.
Would you want to turn your time back, change some things and risk everything you have now? 

Just if my mum did not meet my dad, this post will not be here.
And Obama might not even be the president of US!
Who knows, a lot of things happened as a consequence of my parents' meeting.
It's not impossible isn't it?


30th April 2010

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