Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Simple Twist by The Media

I am always amazed (but at times, disgusted) by the influential power the media has.
Whoever controls the media, is indirectly controlling the world, having the influence to lead the public into thinking the way they want the public thinking, or letting the public know only what they want the public know, hiding some ugly truth behind their reports.

I'm not planning to talk much about the influence of the media, the previous paragraph is only the intro to my post.

I always laughed (but most of the time, disgusted too) at the politics in Malaysia now. Politicians switching parties like changing clothes, accusations of one side to another, back-stabbing etc (oopss.. shdn't be saying a lot on this, i dont really know what happens, again i'm only informed by the media and comprehended the info using my own shallow mind)

Often, during the evening news, we'll be exposed to a lot of the "goodness" of the government and the "badness" and "inefficiency" of the opposition.
The media is bound to praise the government and downgrade the opposition, that is a known fact.
The newsreaders are bound to say sentences like, "keprihatinan kerajaan" or "kelemahan pihak pembangkang" or "kewibawaan pemimpin BN" etc etc...
I am not saying the news are totally wrong but, I believe we must have our own "filter" and judgement to differentiate the truth, the lies and the make-ups.

The oppositions have their own media as well, undeniably.
And it is undeniable that their media will potray their "goodness" and the "badness" and "corruption" of the government.
Again, there must always be personal filter to prevent us from being misled.

Anyhow, let's imagine for a while...
Imagine...just imagine that in the next General Election, the opposition wins and they rule Malaysia. Just imagine...

Now, what will the newsreaders read?
"BN yang masih tidak mahu mengaku kekalahan"
"Kerajaan baru yang tidak melupakan kepentingan rakyat"

etc etc...

What do you think?

p/s: I'm not standing on any site of the fence. I'm underage and still cannot vote. Peace!



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