Friday, April 23, 2010

The Bad Grass

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Ok now, frankly answer me, what had u just did?
Did u or did u not, have an image of a purple elephant in ur mind for a split second just now?
Despite the fact that the instruction given was NOT TO THINK of a purple elephant?
If u said yes, continue reading.
If u said no, stop reading and go read other blog. But if u wanna continue reading despite the "NO" u've just answered, carry on..

Someone told me before, the human mind could not register negative words like "no", "never", "don't" etc..
That explained why the more we ask a child not to do it, the more he/she wants to do it.
I once told my nephew, "Do not throw that watch onto the floor, it's not mine, it's gonna break". And the next thing i know, the watch hit the wall and dropped on the floor.

Everyday, news of accidents will be on the newspapers and news.
Everyday people die on roads, and some of their stories were publicised, to create awareness.
But, had any of these newspapers reported just how many thousands and millions of people arrived their destinations safely?
Why must only the bad things be reported? What about the good things?

Same goes to the divorce stories of celebrities.
When any of the stars get divorced, the whole world know.
There are many other stars living happily with their couple, why arent the tabloids reporting this?

Polygamy marriage that failed; they are all publicised, just to make the world think that polygamy is a very bad thing. But just how many CORRECTLY DONE polygamy marriages (note my hightlight) succeeded and all the wives live happily? These stories are not publicised, because they are not juicy enough.

When we're in trouble, we blame other people for not being there for us.


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