Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Power of Love

A conversation between 2 little girls:

"What do you want to be when you grow big?"
"I want to be a nurse...."
"Ooohh, I want to be a doctor.."

At this point, the adults stopped listening,

"No, you cant. You have to become a nurse before you can be a doctor...."

And today (1st May 2010), is the wedding day of one of the girls.

I met her more than 10 years ago, when my first uncle received his first daughter.
She's my auntie's (my uncle's wife) niece.
At that time, I did not know how old was she, but I was about 6 or 7 years old.
I think she was of the same size with me, perhaps same age, or maybe a year or two older, or younger. I really can't remember.
And I've never seen her after that.
There was never an occasion where these our families met again. Maybe I did meet her, I just did not know that it was her.

And tonight, I attended her wedding.

And as all of you might be thinking, which of the girls was me.
I was the one who said I wanted to be a nurse, because a nurse will be promoted to become a doctor. 
I don't mind people laughing at me, I was in my pre-school! At least I know that doctors and nurses work together, and there is such a thing called promotion. =)

Mum told me last week that my "old friend" is getting married.
I was shocked, she couldn't be much older than me.
If she's not my age, she might just be a year or two older.
And she's getting married?
That's good news!
I remembered mum told me that her father is a doctor.
*I don't know why but I felt very acquainted as soon as I hear that her father is a doctor. Silly of me..*

And so tonight, I attended my "old friend"'s wedding, a very old friend that I don't even remember her name neither her face.

The wedding was not a huge one, only close friends and family were invited.
Nevertheless, it was grand.
The bride's house was a big bungalow.
One do not have to be smart to know that this doctor is not just any doctor, to own a house like this.
And I would say the family was a wealthy one.
The menu was mutton and fish. And the rice was served in a goat's abdomen.
Urrgh, I don't know how to describe it, it sounded gross now.
It wasn't gross, it was unique instead.

And then, I got to know that the bride is 23 years old, she IS a bit older than me.
But it is still considerably an early age to get married, relative to the culture now. We got to know that the bride had just graduated this year while the groom has started working. Perhaps he is a year or two older than his wife.
My mum praises the marriage however.
She IS into early marriages, or at least she does not oppose it.
According to her, it's the society that made it hard for a couple to get married.
The society made it in such a way that the couple must have a steady career, steady background, steady finance etc etc before getting married.
But, it is human nature that they want companionship.
Hence, young couples will get together, and some of them might just go the wrong way, to get companionship, without marriage.

"Why can't a couple go through their life together, getting stable together and achieving success together, married?" -quoted from, my mum.

Frankly, looking at the bride and groom, I felt a sudden rush of jealousy.
But jealousy, is not at all time bad, isn't it?
Just like fear can be a good motivation, *quoted* jealousy can also be a good motivation.
And don't ask me what kind of drive did it give me, I'd like to keep it to myself. =)
A jealousy without hoping the other party being inflicted with something bad, is a good jealousy.

Then there was a surprise performance.
The bride's elder brother sang for his newly-wed younger sister.
For me, that was a very sweet and pleasant gift from an elder brother.
Dush! Another rush of jealousy in me... *evil Akmar*

Mum said to me while looking at the newly-weds, "They have the whole life ahead of them, they have to go through everything that comes their way from now on, together". A wise saying from an experienced tough woman.

Going to a wedding of someone not so much older than me got me thinking.
Got me thinking a LOT.
And then, seeing my parents in the car, made me think even MORE.
What did I think about?
Again, I'd prefer keeping it to myself.

What's the point of this post?
: To tell the whole world that I have just came back from a beautiful wedding.

I sincerely wish the new young married couple a happy, blissful and adventurous life ahead. Amin... =)

Why the title "The Power of Love"?
:The song was played in the wedding just now. And somehow I can't stop humming the chorus, it's stucked in my head. Might as well put it as the title. =)


Saturday, 2nd May 2010.


  1. cantik gambar cincin tu akmar.. hoping for one ke..? :P

  2. Eh x la, i hope for more than one.
    One every year... Hahahahahahaha....