Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Hidden Truth


There is a country, whose people had been imprisoned in their own land for more than 60 years. This country has no access to the outside world. While the rest of the world is advancing their technologies, economy and population, the people of this country are killed brutally, their properties and lands are seized, and they were accused as terrorists. While the rest of the world launch their latest satellites, the people of this country jeopardise their lives for food, water and basic necessities. While the rest of the people enjoyed themselves having good education, financial stability and modern comfortable lives, these people continue fighting with all their might to protect their lands, dignity and religion. While teenagers all around the world hold beautiful handphones, hi-tech laptops and up-to-date cameras in their hands, the teenagers of this country are holding their country flags, stones and weapons to protect their families. While people in the rest of the world cry due to heart-breaks, loss of properties, or failure in exams, the people of this country cry silently for the death of their family members and friends, vowing to themselves to seek justice. While leaders in the rest of the world are using politics to accumulate their wealth, strengthen their popularities, the leaders of this country put their lives at stake for their people. And this country is named Palestine.

I wrote (or more accurately, copy-pasted) some news on the Freedom Flotilla, the fleet of ships trying to bring humanitarian aids to the people of Gaza on my blog. That was on 24th May 2010. I then left the internet on 30th May for my rotation postings in KKB. On the 31st, I received a shocking news, thanks to my friend who forwarded me the message. The Freedom Flotilla was attacked! Such an inhumane act by the terrorist Zionists!  But I was totally disconnected from the net for 4 days, and when I reached home, the cumulated workload was just too much to be handled that I didn't have time to write or read about any further news. I was only updated by the news via radio. 

In my previous post, one of the questions was whether Israel will prevent the flotilla from entering Gaza, or allow the aid to enter to "demonstrate" that Israel does in fact respect human rights? Not surprisingly, the illegal country chose the former one, accusing the unarmed, raw activists attacking their trained, skilled, armed soldiers. As ridiculous as it sounds, that was what the Zionists did.

M.V. Mavi Marmara is one of the ships in the Freedom Flotilla convoy. Most of the passengers are Turkish. On 31st May 2010, the IDF (israeli defense force) warned the ship to change its course and not send the aid to Gaza. Of course, the activists in the ship refused and continued their way to Gaza to break the maritime-siege of Gaza by Is-not-real. The army then boarded the ship by helicopters and a fight started on board. Nine civilians were KILLED. The commandos claim the activists attacked them first, the activists claimed the Israelis opened fire even before boarding. 

Respectable Malaysian leader, Dr M said
Claiming that the activists attacked the commandos first is equally ridiculous. The forces ranged against them were powerful and enormous, capable of sinking their boats. The Israelis have been known to ram supply boats with their armoured naval vessels. What is clear is that the Israeli's were the ones to attack first by dropping their commandos from the helicopter.
The attack by the inhuman Is-not-real-i army prompted a lot of responses world wide. Activists march to create awareness, public started boycotting the terrorist country's goods and blog posts on the attack published like mushrooms on the net. I just hope that this awareness lasts long; at least longer than the "Fitna" controversy by Dutch about 2 years back. 

As I browsed through the net for news on the raid, I found this one article; "Gaza flotilla hijacked by radicals", it was categorised under "Other Views". This article tried to point out that the passengers of the flotilla weren't only activists and journalists. There were also radicals who went on board, without any "peace" intention in them, just to terrorise and achieve their own personal missions. And some of the "radicals" in the flotilla, according to this article, are those from Islamic Brotherhood (Ikhwanul Muslimin). I like to present other opinions in a lot of matters, so that people can know what other sides there are in a topic rather than having a one-sided view. And then, decide on which is the truth and which are the lies based on personal justificationa and experience. And in this case, I strongly believe this article is WRONG. 

Ya Allah, please help the Gazans, please help all the brave people out there who sacrificed their comfortable lives, and gambled their lives just to send aid to the Gazans. Please help them. And oh God, please do punish the Zionists as heavy as You can, for terrorising the Palestinians, and have the guts to accuse the activists instead. 

6 June 2010


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  1. asking your god to punish the others???!!!!!
    as far as i know, all the religions should bring peace and harmony, not encouraging more war, and now, PUNISHMENT is what you are asking for from your god?
    oh my...pls THINK. AND THINK HARD.