Friday, July 23, 2010

My Vacation Trip Part 1

As I've said earlier, I'm going for a vacation trip ALONE and I refused to disclose where am I going except to those close to me. And till now, not many ppl knew where I went to.

I planned to write some notice here on my blog before I set off for the vacation but I couldn't make it since there were a lot to prepare for the trip.

So, for those who still do not know, I went to JAKARTA, INDONESIA.

I flew to Jakarta and arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 8.05 am (Indonesian time) on 7th July 2010 (Wednesday). I was fetched by my cousin, Verni who has been waiting for me at the arrival terminal for almost an hour. Blame my bag for coming out so late. =p

I can actually write a very detailed account of my journey there, including the 45 seconds the pilot took to accelerate the plane before taking off; yes, I counted how long was it before the plane leave Malaysian soil. But I think i'll just bore the readers if I do really write all those minute details.

So let me just write some little things about my trip there.

I was supposed to be in Jakarta from 8th July to 17th July; 10 days altogether. But at last minute, I texted my mum in KL and she made a few phone calls to AirAsia and I managed to defer my flight back to Malaysia. Thus I went back on 19th July, making my trip over there 12 days in total. =)

One the first day of arrival in Jakarta, Verni brought me to MoI (Mall of Indonesia). This place is something like Berjaya Times Square, there is a theme park in it. Difference is, we pay for per entry in Times Square but here in MoI, we pay for every ride we take.

And in Indonesia, shoppers need to be scanned before entering big and grand shopping malls like Mall of Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. I think this is mostly because of the few bombing cases happened there some time back.

Verni and Me =)

After some camwhoring and JCo-ing in MoI, we went home and later that night, went to have dinner at my 2nd aunt's house. Fyi, I've nvr met most of my relatives here, and the last time I met Verni was almost 10 yrs ago. So really, this trip of mine also served as long-not-lost-relationship-get-together.

The next day, July 9th 2010 we went to Tanah Abang, the largest shopping place in South East Asia (as told by another cousin sister of mine, Zora). There are about 13 floors if I am not mistaken, and that is only 1 building! There were a lot more buildings around. And I was really shocked to see the business of the building. And there was even a mosque on the top-most floor. Wow!

On the Saturday July 10th 2010, one of my grandfather (it's quite a long story how am I related to him but, he's my grandfather nevertheless), Ungku Sufyan fetched me from Verni's hse and bring me to his hse. We went to Bogor for a lunch in Restoran Sederhana Nasi Padang and that night his wife brought me to PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta, I think). It's also knowned as Jakarta Fair which is held every year for a month, marking the anniversary of Jakarta City. There were really lottsss of people. There were almost 10x the visitors of PC Fair in KLCC.

And guess what! I saw Proton being sold over there! Hahahah... The sense of familiarity knocked me at that moment. =p

And oh yes, Upin Ipin is a hit over there. I was dubbed as Kak Ros. Yea yea, Kak Ros is a fierce sister but really, she loves Upin Ipin a lot!

And the next day, Sunday 11th July 2010, Ungku Yus (another grandfather) brought me to Taman Safari Indonesia!!!! It was a splendid and enjoyable day. I've never been to any place like that. We drove into the Safari using our own car, and there were all the animals being let walking freely everywhere. And we brought carrots to feed the deers, elephants and some other animals I do not know the names (all of them looked like deers to me, heh)

We get to watch the hilarious cowboy show and cute dolphin show in Safari Park, after parking our car.

And the dolphin should really be proud. =p

This snake is 10kg, and I kissed it. =)

The next day, on Monday 12th July 2010, Verni brought me to Puncak with her friends. There were lots of exchanging language sessions, since the Indonesian language and Malaysian language were different. We first dropped by Masjid Attawun for prayer and continued our journey to the hilltop.

We reached Cibodas Park but since it was raining, we did not go into the park. Instead we went to eat at the nearest warkop (warung kopi) for lunch up there.

And on our way back, we dropped by Cimory Restaurant, a company specialising in dairy products. It was something like Secret Recipe over here, but bigger. We bought some yoghurt milk and cookies and reached home at around 9pm.

On Tuesday July 13th 2010, I followed Ungku Yus and his family for a walkaround Jakarta. Our first destination was Ancol, it's a beach park but we have to pay to get in. There are SeaWorld (our Sunway Lagoon) and Dufan (our Genting Highland) but we did not go there, only the beach and a ride on a boat.

Next was lunch time! We went to Soto Padang Hj Sutan Mangkuto, a famous Soto Padang restaurant there. And after filling our "sumatera tengah", we went to Monas (Monumen Nasional). Monas is like our National Monument coombined with KL Tower. It was a very high tower with its uppermost point being built from gold. This project was by the infamous first president of Indonesia, Sukarno. The only building at that area was the Monas itself. Thus, when a heavy rain suddenly falls while we were walking at the park, we did not know where to run to. It was all so bare, without any shelter. And the trees were not helping either. Thus, we were all soaked. Luckily, we managed to make our way to the viewing deck of the tower, and I get to see Jakarta from top. It's beautiful.

After Monas, we went to Pasar Baru I'd say it's like the Masjid India for us in KL. After shopping there, we went for dinner at Satay Goyang Lidah, and I ate cow's tongue! Hahahahahah... I didn't know it was tongue until half way finishing my plate. But of course, I finished it.

And this is the end of the first part of my vacation to Indonesia, I'll start writing the second part a little while more. =)

Stay tuned!


July 22nd 2010

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