Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time Rockets

Ah yes, new semester started.

And like last semester, I had that mixture of exhilaration, excitement, worry and hope on the first day. Hope for a better semester from all aspects, excited of new subjects and friends and worry of exams. (Yes, I'm starting to dread Sem 5 exam where we'll be tested on everything we've learned for the past 2.5 yrs).

In semester 3, the test I had to face was having lectures at 1.30 to 3.45pm every Monday to Thursday. And that's the best time to sleep, having had lunch one hour or two before lecture, added with the fact that the lecture theatre was air-conditioned and some lecturers preferred to keep the theatre dim so that their ppt presentation can be seen better.

And now in semester 4, class is at around 4-6.30pm everyday, and it is the fasting month.
By the time I get to the carpark, it'll be almost 7pm and I have to rush home for break fast, or break fast, sadly, in the car in the midst of traffic jam.

Yesterday, I had been lucky as the class ended 30mins earlier thus I even managed to catch the 7pm Canto drama I hv been following. I am not sure how fate is for me today, break fast at home, in the car or in IMU?

And I've just received a terrible news. IMU is going to charge students for the carpark up on the hill. That's ridiculous! Bad enough that the carpark is located high up on the hill, with questionable security control (they had been cases of students robbed while walking to the carpark) and the lack of space (some of us had to park OUTSIDE the compound) , now it's not gonna be free anymore? Ugh!

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