Friday, October 22, 2010

Rantings again...

I always have a lot of ideas in mind, wanting to be written. But they are all not coherent. Most of them are just strings of sentences waiting to be tied up together. And I keep jumping from one topic to another, which left me with a lot of topics, incomplete.

I thought of writing on why girls seem to have a very complicated way of looking at friendship especially among girls themselves, I thought of writing about how expensive marriage is these days (this idea came when my mum started complaining, and worrying that her colleagues are complaining they hv to burn a hole in their pockets to marry off their children). I thought of writing how some people tend to let go of their responsibilities so easily but always come at the end of everything, claiming their rights. I thought of writing what my mother said about the cartoon Shrek and Obama, (she wasnt comparing them, really she didn't, heh..).

Not only that,I wanted to write about Hui Fong's birthday celebration, about how I think I'm losing my mind, keep doing silly things I've never thought of doing before, about what I've been learning in Malaysian Studies class, one of the class I enjoyed the most in IMU. And about a lot other things which make my life a life worth living.

And so, having all these topics and many others in mind, I came out with this rant. It proved to be a lot easier to rant and write than think, string all the ideas together, and write.

Hope I'll have the time to string all of them together!
Perhaps I need to get onto a long journey train to let the ideas grow; much like how JK Rowling came out with the Wizardry novel that boomed her into success.
So, a train to Penang then! Anyone?


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