Friday, October 8, 2010

That Awful Feeling

Thursday, 7th Oct 2010. Dark and gloomy.
Today is the day, that I felt it again.
And I've been feeling like this more frequently nowadays, almost every hour in my life.
And it is not good, at all.

It's eating me inside out, and until now there's nothing I could do about it.
I know that whatever people might say, or try to advise me now, it'll only go wasted.
I just won't listen to any logic at this point of time.
Perhaps I will, later.

I hope, I can leave IMU, and continue my MBBS elsewhere, any other med school.
It's not because of IMU syllabus, or way of teaching, or even IMU itself.
It's just........




  1. Akmar, i hope whatever you are feeling now will go away soon, don't let it eat you up. Who knows, tomorrow might be a better day. (: