Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back To Nature

It was 4.20am, 29th Dec 2010 and my mum rushed into my room waking us up. She said we're late. We should set off at 4.30am!

I rolled over, refused to wake up and suddenly what happened last night, how I felt before sleeping came rushing into my mind. It forced me to shut my eyes and mind. I need to sleep...
Then my sister got up and went into the toilet. I dared not sleep if she's not anymore, she'll scream to wake me up. Haiz... We have to face this challenge together.

My brothers are getting ready, the whole household but my dad was on their feet.
I searched high and low for my sport shoes, and since it's no where to be seen, I decided to wear that fake crocs.
At 4.40am, we set off from home with my brother driving fast, we're late!

I forgot to look at the time when we arrived.
But I'm sure it's not yet 5.30am. It was very dark, very very dark.
We had to rely on the 3 torches we brought. Only one was bright, the other two were half dead. Lucky enough, I have my handphone with me; it gives out light.

We started walking...the roads were slippery with tall grass on the left and right.
We had to walk in a line, my sister accompanying mum. They were far behind, I was in the middle while my two brothers were in front, leading the road.

Soon, the road gets harder and steeper. We need to climb, instead of walking. And my brother had taken the responsibility of walking mum since she needed more energy to continue to climb.
It was still very dark. I can't see my family's face. Only their voices kept me walking, and climbing.

We stopped a few times along the way, allowing my mother to catch her breath. She's asthmatic but she did not bring her puffer! Oh man...
She asked us to leave her and continue the walk. Naahh.. No way!
It was so dark, how could we?
Before reaching the 1st peak, the route was so slippery and steep that we needed to climb on all 4. And we did.

And there, after that climb, we made it.
Not silently though...
My mum was already wheezing, breathing forcefully.
She said that will be her first and last climb here.
And she made such a high-toned noise that it almost got me and siblings panicked!
Aisyah, my sister is a certified first-aider, and I'm entering my third year of medical school.
We were thinking, and talking to each other; what exactly should we do if mum really gets her asthmatic attack there?
What if she suddenly cannot breath?

God were with us though, the conversation remained conversation. :)

So, where exactly did we go?

Broga Hill!!!

Yes, yes we did...
We climbed Broga Hill to watch the sunrise.
We reached the first peak before 6am.
There were 4 peaks altogether but Aisyah, mum and I stayed at the first one; since mum could not move anymore.
Two other brothers went up to the 4th peak; the highest one.
Wasil said the sun usually comes out at 6.30-6.45am.
And since that was my first time seeing a sunrise, I wonder how will it be like?
Will it be like the ones in tv? We could only see the upper border, then slowly we can see the upper half and in no time, the whole round of sun is there above the mountains. Will it really be like that?

It was very dark, and cold up there!

This was the view before the sun rises. We can see nothing but the lights.

Between darkness and brightness. Dawn?

This is the view when it is already bright. Astonishing huh? :)

Breathtakingly beautiful. If you don't think so, I think it's most probably due to my not-so-hi-tech camera and poor photography skills. It really is beautiful!

To my frustration, the sun did not come out until 7.15am though it was already bright.
Someone told us to wait another 10mins, he said the sun comes out at 7.25am.
True enough, it did. But it wasn't as beautiful as in TV. The sun was shy, hiding parts of it behind the clouds.

The west side, where the sun sets.

Waiting for the sun to rise. It's funny.. It is already bright, but the sun is nowhere to be seen.

On our way down

There were a lot of other hikers as well, it's fun to see a lot of people there.

After the hike, we went to a mamak restaurant for our breakfast. :)

And drove to Sungai Congkak for a picnic!
We marinated chicken last night, and had a barbeque at the riverside.
We brought our own tent, and a mat.
Mum, Aisyah and me took turn to sleep while the boys set the fire up and barbecued the chicken.
It was so nice, there weren't many people since it was a weekday.
We almost had the river to our own.

The only picture I have during the picnic. I wasn't pretending, the water was very cold, comparable to IMU airconditioning. :)

At 3.10pm, after almost 10 hours playing with soil, mud and water, we drove home.
Back to that 4 concrete walls we were living in.
Of course, my mattress is more comfortable than that mat I slept on at the riverside but, the air and the joy we had today were irreplaceable.

I think it should be A WORSE kind of suffering. Well, I do not want to edit the picture. :p


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