Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Fatin Nilisa!

Happy (Belated) Birthhhdddaaayyy Dayang Fatin Nilisa!!

I do not know how am I supposed to write this post.

Should it be a long one? Or should it be a short one?

Should be a letter frm me to Fatin? Or should it be like some form of tributes to Fatin?
A letter is perhaps too romantic, but a tribute, reminds me of the obituaries!

Let's make it this way.............

10 Things You Should Know About Miss Dayang Fatin Nilisa

1. Her 21st birthday was on December 4th. Sorry Fatin, I tried to call you but it just didnt go through. And I was too busy to write this post then.

2. She is now studying Architecture in Manchester University, Manchester, UK.

3. She's a great artist. She draws very well, and paint well too. I'm amazed seeing her artwork, although she had always humbly say her friends draw better than she does, especially *** ****.

4. I met her for the first time on July 1st 2007, my first day in INTEC, Shah Alam. She was unsure whether I am a senior or junior at that time.

5. She was my housmemate in INTEC, together with Atikah and Ain.

24th June 2009. All of us went for a memorable picnic in Hulu Langat! And my first semester exam was 2 days after the picnic. :p

6. She's a Sarawakian, and Atikah and me loved to tease her, by offering her a loaf of bread as her food supply for her to swim to Sarawak.

7. She is very particular about her artwork. I used to come out of the bathroom wet, and she will see how I walked across the hall into my room, intensely making sure I did not drop even one tiny drop of water onto her work. Man, I had to practice tip-toeing that I'm very good in it now.

8. She eats very slowly, very very slowly. All of us thought she'll eat faster during break fast in Ramadhan, and to our surprise, her speed of eating maintains the same!

9. She's fun, but sometimes can come out with absurd ideas. Ideas that sometimes either make me laugh my heart out, or knock some sense into her. Hahah...

10. She blogs. You can find her at

Our trip to Genting Highland, in 2009.

Picnic, 2 days before my exam. Heh...


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  1. hahah...omg look at those photos of myself..don't you have more flattering photos of me..btw I still think my artworks are just average..not too good not too bad..well at least I still survive this course..and I think my eating speed has now improved depending on my mood...sheesh what a post to kick-start my day ^^ but anyway, truly appreciated =)thanks!!!!