Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's already 1.17am.
And I had just tweaked my blog template, AGAIN.
I used the template designer by blogger and edited the html.
There are still some "cacat cela" here and there, but just forget about them for now.
I need to sleep, I have to send my sister to school tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow (or rather, today), I'll have to face the people who all these while have been thinking they are way better than me, than us. I wonder how will the gathering be? Awkward? Dramatic? Or will everyone put up the best hypocritical face they have, and pretended nothing happened?
Despite the shouting, screaming and down-grading a fortnight ago?

Saturday 4th December 2010
1.22am (Yes, I took 5 mins to write this post, heh)



  1. doc, do keep the current pinky strips. i'll call u pinky everyday :)
    and i like the color too.
    the previous one was too blue-ish and "ribbonry".
    this is nice. keep it. =)

  2. This post is misterious. "Despite the shouting, screaming and down-grading a fortnight ago?"