Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Sentimental Trip

Last Monday, I went to see someone for my university project.

Then.... I went for a walk, and a drive.

Just some pictures:

During the trip however, I did a stupid thing. Oh wait, perhaps there were TWO stupid thingS.
And I won't talk about it here.

Enough to know that it was so stupid that whenever I thought about it, I feel like screaming and bang my head onto the wall... gedeGAAANG!

Sometimes in life, we just accidentally do stupid, embarrassing things don't we?

That evening, after the trip I went back to IMU for an "appointment" with Hui Fong and other friends.
And we went out for dinner at Pappa Rich in Kuchai Lama after that.

I rarely get this kind of opportunity, to go out with friends till late at night.
At 10pm, we were STILL in the restaurant, and I reached home at almost 11pm (I usually am home by 10pm).

I messaged my mum telling her I'll be late and apologised for it. She was understanding, but on our way back to IMU from dinner, my brother called me asking why am I still out so late at night, and asked me to come home fast.
Whoa.. He really is exercising the "man-hood" authority mum rewarded to him; and he's starting to control me.



  1. a verrrrrrrrrrryyy verrryyyyy SENTIMENTAL VISIT i would sayyyy.*nangis*

    and if you dont mind,can i know what is the stupid thingS*note the s* that you did?! ohemmgeee.


  2. omg very nostalgic..especially pak li cafe cuz everytime art class ended the whole class went to pak li to eat n am missing those times badly..