Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding in Johor

Last weekend, I went to Johor for my cousin sister's wedding.
The "groom fetching bride" ceremony was held at 8am in Pontian, Johor while the dinner was in JB, Johor.

My family and I set off from our house at 12.03am and I was the first driver in charge. That was kinda my first time driving for a long distant, at night! My father had just came back from Penang 30mins before we set off, and my mother did not have her routine evening nap thus, both of them were kind of "unsuitable" for driving.

I was actually sleepy too...but being excited of driving long distance at night, wins me over. I told my parents I was okay, and can drive, SAFELY. So yea, I drove and reached Pagoh at 2am, and my dad took the wheel from there.

We reached Masjid Pontian at 4, slept in the car in the mosque compound until Subuh prayer. After refreshing ourselves in the mosque, we headed to the house where the groom rented for the bride's family.

And from there, it all started.........

At approximately 8.15am, the groom and his men arrived, wearing a uniform of pink shirts! On the shirts were the couple's cartoon and names. So sweeeet! Too bad I don't have a good picture of the shirt, or I'll definitely post it here.

The "brothers" really faced a lot of challenges from the "sisters" - from the bride's side (which is my side!), and they took it all in their stride just for one mission - fetching the bride!

Well of course, let me explain... The tradition goes that the bride is "locked" in a room in the house and the bride sisterS will guard her and prevent the groom and his men from fetching the bride, unlesss....their demand is fulfilled. It is a fun game, although I do not really know the significant behind it. And lucky enough, most of them were English educated so more English is used than Mandarin, or I might have a hard time communicating...

I dont think I should blabber about how the games go but have some pictures! And I'll perhaps explain something.. :)

The groom and his men managed to pass through the gate, and is now waiting to pass through the grill. :) I know they came out with red packets, just that I am not sure how much is inside. :p

The sisters came out with a nasty game, asking the groom to wear a bra, with polo mints sewn on it. And the other brothers were required to pull the mints out, using their TEETH!!

After that ceremony, all of us went to groom's house. And off me and my family to JB, leaving the rest in the house, since I have been pestering my dad to go round JB. And after lunch, we went to The Zone.

I thought The Zone will be a great, elegant place - seeing from its signboards. But apparently, it is kinda "old" and "uninteresting" Sorry Johor-ians! But undeniably, the things are a bit cheaper there, since they are duty free.

When you bring parents who are tired of the long journey, and uninterested in shopping.... :p

Me and mum during the dinner

My cousin, Sui Ean being made up. The make up artist was always by her side, touching up any flaws on her make up.

My Ah Koo, new brother, Andrew, Sui Ean and Ah Kim.

They even got these cute little girls as bridemaids!

Almost all of the bride's family. :)


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  1. Awww, you look so much like your mother, so very beautiful!! =)