Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping Up 2010

It's less than 3 hours to 2011.
Some people might preach to ask us to celebrate the Hijr calendar more than the Gregorian calendar; in fact some even asked me to stop celebrating the coming of 1st January of a new year.
So I gotta defend myself before continuing, since the calendar is used by more than half of the world as the civil calendar, and a lot of "worldly" matters revolve around the days and months of that calendar thus, in my honest opinion, it is important to know and practise the calendar. I am not, in any way degrading the Hijr calendar. :) They are both important in planning your life.

After setting that point straight, let's get back to the main topic; wrapping up the year.

I remember vividly how I spent my 31st Dec 2009 and what I did until the next morning; 1st January 2010. And now it is already one year later, 31st Dec 2010. Things have really changed, and I learnt a lot of things since then.

(some of the) Lessons, mistakes and "life" learnt in 2010.

1. Friendships don't last. Not all of them at least. Some perhaps do, some unfortunately don't. As what someone told me before, "Easy Come, Easy Go". Man, that hurts...

2. I thought I built a wall, a strong concrete one. I though I learnt from my past mistakes. But I've realised that, I went into that same "hole" again, in fact it was easier this time. And until now, I am still in that black hole.

3. A lot of people may not regard you as how you regard them. There are quite a lot of ppl, that I have regarded as close friends. But to my surprise, they don't actually take me as a close friend, I have been playing on my own all these while. Nvm, learn from mistake.

4. Don't trust easily. What more if someone ask you to trust them with your life, the more you should not. :)

5. I've realised too that being able to get angry is a blessing. I lack that substance in me, especially to get angry to some people. I tend to let things pass, and seek no justice.

6. If you fall sick for at least a week, you'll get thinner. :p

7. The western celebrities are getting trash-er. Saw Gaga's meat dress? Ugh, I do not why am I mentioning her here but I'm watching MTV Music Video Award now on TV, so it came across my mind.

8. Fake crocs without socks are bad for hiking, or climbing.

9. Some people think they are better than other people, and they scolded people whom they think is lower than them without thinking. That's even more stupid when that same person preached to you about how patient we should be in dealing with people. Screaming? Huh... Save your voice for something else pls...

10. The DESA mineral water makes my throat sore. The more I drink it, the thirstier I became. I thought I was dehydrated, turns out it's the water.

(some of the) Places I go to in 2010

1. Genting Highland
2. Jakarta, Indonesia
3. Bandung, Indonesia
4. Puncak, Indonesia
5. Penang
6. Kelantan
7. Kuantan
8. Sungai Tuang, Melaka

Eyh, that's all? Well, maybe I have not remember all. :p

(some of the) Joyous Events in 2010.

1. IMU Amazing Craze, 27th March 2010.

2. My "surprise" birthday party by Hui Fong and friends.

3. VPM fundraising Charity Bazar at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

4. Kuala Kubu Bharu rotation posting, 31st May to 2nd June 2010.

5. Jakarta trip, 8th-19th July 2010

6. Electives posting in Paediatrics in Damansara Specialist Hospital, 2nd to 21st August 2010.

7. Break fast in a Korean BBQ restaurant, 22nd August 2010.

8. Eid Fitri 1431H, September 2010.

9. Raya Open House at home, 16th September 2010.

10. M109/P110 Raya Open House in IMU, 6th October 2010.

11. Hui Fong's Surprise Birthday Party, 21st October 2010

12. Sui Ean's wedding in Johore, 5th December 2010

13. Siew Huan's early birthday celebration in Times Square, 8th Dec 2010.

14. KL Motor Show 2010 in PWTC, 12th Dec 2010.

15. Genting Highland with sister, 14th December 2010.

16. BBQ in Sungai Tuang, Malacca with batchmates, 17th to 18th Dec 2010.

17. Penang, painting aunt's house, 18th to 24th Dec 2010.

18. Genting Highland with family and aunt, 25th and 26th Dec 2010.

19. Broga Hill with family, 29th Dec 2010.

Well, I kinda spend a lot of time for this post.
I don't care if people find it boring, too long or anything. I will want to read it back after a year, after two yrs, few yrs...a decade (with God's will).

Now, there is only 25 mins to 12pm.
Actually, the 0000hrs is not so significant.
It's the starting of a new academic year, new hopes, new responsibilities, new events and new lessons that are significant. :)

I hope I can forget all the heartbreaks and hard feelings this year but sorry, some scars are destined to remain.

p/s: To you, you lost my respect. It may not worth as much as you think but so what, it's my respect, I can give to anyone I want.



  1. ouch, terasa lah akmar.
    anyway, you deactivate ur fb eyh?
    br ingt td nk conteng fb wall, pastu search tak jumpe.

    have a great year !

  2. Happy New Year Akmar!

    Forget all the bad things and create new great ones! :D

  3. Salam Doc... Nice post. It’s not boring.

    Compact and well expressed. I like it!

    I couldn’t agree more on point 5, 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10.

    Do get angry sometimes la babe. I do. =) I’m not planning to give my ‘anger’ away this 2011 but I plan to use it when necessary. Heeeee. In 2010, I realized, emotions are tools too. For a lot of things. Hahaha.

    Anyone wants to slim down out there, try to get a bad bad flu or fever, then you’ll lose weight effortlessly. *from my experience too*

    Don’t go watch mtv. Even if its on national tv. Its Rubbish. Fully illuminati business.

    I haven’t wore a covered toes crocs yet but I think I agree with point 6. *imagine the not so hypoallergenic rubber rubbing your toes. *scratching*

    Desa mineral water? Tell me about it. Teeerrrriiiiible. I had one in 2009 when I was on a bus from UTP to KL. Can’t believe it still taste the same.

    Last but not least, your final sentence “I hope I can forget all the heartbreaks and hard feelings this year but sorry, some scars are destined to remain.”

    I really couldn’t agree more. Some scars remain. But like you said, “hopefully we can all laugh about it one fine day (many years from now) and accept it as learning process of life.”

    Bye 2010.
    Hi 2011.
    And doc, …. you’re gonna turn 21 this year. We’re adults now. But not until march of course. :D

  4. @ Hazirah.
    Terasa kenapa?
    Haha.. yup, I deactivated fb.
    Belum ada "pergerakan hati" untuk reactivate.
    As my emo friend, you must hv noticed that I was emo-ing a lot there. Even here! Hahah...

    @Wern Ching.
    Thanks a lot yea! Happy new year to you too!
    Guess I'll be wishing this again after a month! :)
    Have a good holiday, see u in Gombak!

    So, Desa have the same effect to u too. I drank 3 bottles in 2 hours. I thought I was dehydrated that time, thirsty giler.
    Yes, turning 21.. Hurm dh boleh mengundi..
    Cepat la suruh PM buat election!

  5. hai akmar..saje nak komen..xpew rasanya kan..
    rasa selain dari jadi doktor mgkin awak blh jadi penulis sebab susunan dan penyampaian sangat jelas dan menarik..hahaha
    xtau plak pnah praktikal kat damansara specialist sebab kakak saya kerja kat ctu..
    fb is curently off eh??

  6. @Anonymous.

    Faiz kn? Awat nye x letak nama?
    Nsb baik sy tau sape...
    Penulis? Hahaha... Actually, penulisan sy slalu berterabur, main taip je apa yg keluar kt kepala.

    Yup, prnah practical kt DSH. And actually sy ada jumpa pun kakak awk, ada tegur dia. Waktu tu dia duty kt ICU. X tau la dia igt sy x.

    Yup, fb currently inactive. :)