Monday, January 3, 2011

But Why Medicine?

This question was posed to me many times, but funnily even though it should have been that way, this question was not asked to me during the interview for admission into IMU. I believe after having interviewed many students before me from various background, the interviewers know that that question is by far the commonest question and the one that students can create all sort of i-see-my-grandma-suffer-everyday-so-I-want-to-be-a-doctor kinds of answer.

Early in the course, I did not give the question a proper thought, and thus I do not know the exact reason why I took medicine. And sometime middle of last year, someone asked me this question in front of my friends. By then, I have already established a sincere answer in my head.

I chose medicine because my parents wanted me too. That answer shocked the questioner. Perhaps she was anticipating a doctor-had-been-my-dream-job-since-I-was-6 kinds of answer. In fact, I told her that my parents have been wanting to have at least one of their children to be a doctor, and since I am the eldest, and I did not know what course to go into, I chose to fulfill my parents' wish. Not only that, my siblings asked me to take up medicine too, then they will be freed from the responsibility.

There have been a lot of stories whereby the child do not have the interest to be a doctor being forced to study medicine by the parents. And they drop out either during the course, after the degree, or even after practising after many years! These stories are no stranger to us students, since we have been told different versions of them, making sure we are not wasting the money and time spent.

But so far I have enjoyed medicine. I am pretty sure not one of the posts I've written before this has portrayed my lack of interest towards the subject. In fact, if I do not admit it, I doubt anyone will even suspect I enrolled into medicine for the sake of my parents.


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