Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Commitment by Great Committee!


Even though the "Gaza, We Care!" week in IMU has ended, I still can't get it out of my head.
All of us have been thinking and working for it since last year so, there is no way we can dismiss that much memories of effort and time in just a day or two. :)

So, while pondering over it again, and recalling all the planning effort we made, I found myself very amused with all the committee members, and the commitment shown by them.
I've never worked with such terrific group of people before.
Even while organising the Grand Dinner in my A Level years, I know some of the committee members were not really working, neither did they put their hearts in the project. But of course, the whole dinner pulled through beautifully, since we have a lot other responsible people in the organising team.

But this time, I admit I'm touched by the sincerity and responsibility shown by the whole team.
Everyone worked so hard...

We are the best team I can ever imagine, in organising this event.

And despite all the hardships we went through, I can't be happier being in this team.
I honestly, am happy and proud to work with them.

With that, this post is a personal tribute to these great people.

1) Mukhlis Rahimi - secretary + opening and closing ceremonies event manager
2) Diana Rizal - treasurer and MSOC fund-raiser.
3) Nabilah Zakaria - Exhibition Bureau and MSRI stall boss
4) Farahin Ruslan - VPM stall boss and money keeper
5) Hisham Hasan - publicity, the ticket-man, the fund-raising man
6) Khomeini - Speech Bureau, food-man and doughnut caretaker
7) Louis Pung - MERCY stall boss and MC.

Thank you friends!

May we meet again.... for a good cause.

Monday 10.31pm
4 days after GWC finale night.


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