Saturday, April 23, 2011

1 month, 1 week and 1 day to go


Yes, as much as I do not want to believe it, I have to. The exam is coming in a month! The exam that will test all my 2.5 yrs of study in IMU, and will determine WHETHER or NOT I make it to the PMS; be it Ireland, Manchester or anywhere I am matched to (and isn't it just irony that I can find a time to even write this post at this crucial moment?)

Unlike past exams however, I hope I have more time to prepare.
I have been wanting the exams to come as soon as possible, and get over them fast, but that certainly is not the case with this one particular exam.

A month to absorb EVERYTHING that I have studied for the past 2.5yrs, of course I find it insufficient!
And on top of that, we have all the Med Seminar, Case Based LearningS, and some other "extras" that we have to do in semester 5. I wonder why IMU let us free (as in really free) in semester 4 just to torture us in semester 5.

And I do notice some of my batchmates are getting more depressed, and selfish as time pass by. Who wouldn't? I myself are practically (though it is practically impractical) counting every minute I spent walking to the toilet and getting out of it.

But......ironically too, this exam is not that "important", if you wanna describe it that way.
In order to graduate from IMU and proceed to partner school, I just have to pass.
The marks are not even taken into account for the matching (determining which univ will u go to), which will suffice even if I get a C, as C- is considered fail.
So, what's the point of studying hard? As in really really hard that u find no time to eat and sleep?

Haha! Gotcha!

But of course, being able to score in this exam means, I will be more competent, and not be that "quite, shy, lack-of-confidence Asian girl" when I get to the partner medical schools.

Anyway, lets get back to study!
I spent 30 mins on this post, a run to the toilet, and a few sips of water to temporarily relieve my very sore inflamed throat!

p/s: I noticed Dr M's blog is no more warned as a threat on net but, I did not find any explanation on why it was found as threat in the first place. A sabotage? Hurmmm...


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