Saturday, April 30, 2011

THE Wedding

"During my time, I watched his mother getting married. Now, you're watching him getting married", said my mother before she went out of house for a kenduri this evening.

Yea, I accidentally spent few hours watching the royal wedding ceremony. From the random interviews to the procession of the royal family from the palace to the abbey, to the arrival of bride, to the oath taking of the couple, and to some of the prayers and songs - I watched all that. It's a bit of a waste of time, but an unforgettable moment nonetheless.

Forget all that conspiracies and ill-intentions, forget all the gossips and rumours, forget any other deeper meanings to the ceremony; the wedding is just a wedding of another two person in this world. The only remarkable thing was, this wedding was broadcasted live for the whole world to watch.

Somehow, I found myself attracted to their wedding.
Mainly of course, due to the fairy tales I've been reading since small - the stories whereby the prince marry a commoner; Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, all those bedtime and playtime stories which had contributed to my childhood imaginations and dreams.
And since Malaysia do not "popularise" her royal families (I do not know where all our princes and princesses go), the nearest royal family I know is of course that of Britain.

The wedding (which includes the couple and the planning of the wedding) has been receiving tremendous amount of media coverage; there will be at least one little column in daily newspapers about it. And I find those kind of news easier to understand than any other political news (what more of the latest humiliating sexual@political affair which made Malaysians look like sex maniacs), or even my textbooks for that matter. For that reason, I preferred to read their news than the political ones. And from the readings, I acquired more (trivial) knowledge regarding them, and became more interested in following them up. Although of course, those news might not be 100% true.

The story of a prince, marrying a simple, smart, beautiful commoner; sounded almost like every girl's wildest dream doesn't it?
But why? Why is it a dream? I have been thinking about that all day long.
Why, must a little girl dream of marrying a prince?
To be well known? To be known as a princess?
To be popular? To be rich?
To be able to wear beautiful clothes? To walk with all eyes turned on you?

I'm not sure, yet.
I'll find the answer some other time.
For now, my brain is just too saturated with the thyroid tumours I have just read about.

Of course, some people are arguing that the money spent for the wedding today, should be spent instead on unfortunate ones. I do not wish to argue on that, I am not the one who is spending them.

Forget all the nasty things.

For once, let me be that girl who enjoys seeing a prince, marrying a commoner; just like in those fairy tales. =]

*Speaking of Malaysian royal family, I saw our YDP Agong in the tv just now! His Majesty (I think that's what I shd call him), and Queen were there for the wedding ceremony. Kinda cool to see one elegant lady wearing hijab in the midst of hairs and hats.

And oh yea, I wonder why do Malaysians know nothing about our royal families?

With that, I rest my case.


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