Sunday, May 29, 2011

Confession Letter

I came into IMU without knowing your existence.
Then as my semester 1 was about to end, I got to know you better.
But you were so far, that I barely think about you.

Then came semester 2.
I got to know a "milder version" of you.
Frankly, I liked it but, was hurt so much because of it.
People talked a lot about you; from the seniors to my own batch mates.
Almost everyone knows you.

Then semester 3, we got a little more closer and you showed a harsher version than before, but constantly reminded me that I have not seen the worst of you yet.

At that time, I didn't really care about how you would look and feel like when you are at your worst or even how would it affect me. I was too blinded by you at that time.

Semester 4 flew like rocket and before I know it, you changed.
You transformed and became scarrier.
I can't forget you neither can I be happy knowing you are there.
I am anticipating you but at the same time, hoping you will just vanish.

At times, you made me feel so useless and insecure.
I started comparing myself with other people out there, and realised I shouldn't.

Lately, I really am feeling the agony of your effects to my life.

But I've made a decision, I will face you.
I will face you with all the determination and energy I have in me.

I hope, I can overcome you this time.
And make you just a history in my life.

Tomorrow, we shall meet and fight.

Here I come!
Just you wait, End of Semester 5 exam!

Btw, this are the pictures I took while my brother was drawing using Paint on the computer.
Repeat, he was using Paint. Cool eh?

-Because life is a test-

-But they are still stupid conversations anyway-



  1. hahaha.. I actually thought you were confessing to a person. Very nicely written. I bet you'll write a superb love confession in case you intend to. :p

  2. ahahahaha! yea... i was putting my whole "emotions" in writing this ;p

    If i intend to? Errkk.. Perhaps perhaps! Hahaha..