Monday, May 30, 2011

Exam Day #1

Today is one of the loneliest day. I know but can't understand why did it happen.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, one of the few things that came into my mind was "Is today really my exam day?"
Of course it is! Or else I won't be dreading the waking up part.

Then another thought came in, "What if I'm given one more week to prepare for the exam, do I want to accept it or not?"
I think I don't.
One more week won't make much difference.
But ironically, I felt as if 30 minutes does.
Even in that 30 mins before the exam hall is opened, I was burying my face in the notes, AS IF that 30 minutes of superfast reading can help me score better. But oh well, some of them did.

First paper was MEQ; Modified Essay Question.

Frankly, most of the papers in IMU are like games; I am not sure if other med schools use the same exam method.
In this paper, each of us has two envelopes, on the right and on the left; on the floor.
One of the envelopes contains the questions while the other is empty.

Then, when the lecturer gave us the signal, we have to take the first paper of the first question from envelope and were given 6 or 7 mins to answer that part, according to the marks.
After that 6 or 7 mins, the lecturer will give another signal and we will have to put the answered paper into the previously empty envelope, and take the second part of the first question to be answered.

At the end of the exam, the initially filled-with-paper envelope is empty while the initially empty envelope is now filled with answered exam questions.

Second paper was OBA; One Best Answer.

80 questions, to be answered within 2 hours.
I've never used the full provided time to answer an OBA paper before this.
I usually finished earlier than the allocated time, but NOT because the paper was too easy. I think it's more because I know there is nothing much I can do anymore.
But today....I found the 2 hours insufficient!
I didn't have time to check all my answers, while I was at question #43, the lecturer asked us to stop writing and put our pencils down :(
So I am not sure wheter I made any silly mistake from question 44-80 :S
And few minutes after I walked out of the hall, I heard some friends discussing among themselves, and realised I missed one silly mistake in question before 43.

Tomorrow is another game-like paper; OSPE.
I'll explain it tomorrow, if I have the time and mood.

Now, I need to prepare for the second battle.

-Because life is a test-

I can assure you this happened during my OBA paper. What was the question eh? Forgot!



  1. hahaha.. that picture is exactly what happened during my oba T_T

  2. yaa.. same here!
    apa ek 1st quest tu?
    i cant remember.