Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exam Day #2

The first laugh-able event for me today was a scene in an episode of House MD season 7 which I watched after the OSPE paper.

Before that, I pretty much was in my auto-pilot-ready-to crash mode, talking, nodding and smiling on when I need to.

It totally was.

There were 26 stations, including 2 rest stations.
At the beginning of the exam, all of us were given with a question booklet.
And we are to sit at our own allocated station, my first station is station 6.

Didn't I say exams in IMU are like games?
Well, this is another proof; OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination).

As soon as the exam starts, all of us will flip the question booklet open, and find the question number we were allocated with. Since I am in station 6, I will start first with question 6.
At that station, a slice of the brain tissue was given. Oh sorry, a picture of it, not the real one.

And the question said, "Name the labeled part".
And I was like "Die! I hate brain anatomy. I can't remember any of these parts at all! I know the names...lentiform nucleus, caudate nucleus, thalamus etc etc but...which is which?!"

I labeled all but, I do not know if I got them correct.
And we have only 5 minutes for each station.
After 5 minutes, the bell rings, and we have to move to the next station, which is station 7 for me.
And there will be different models, X rays, or microscopic pictures in each station.

In between the stations, there will be 2 rest stations.
That is the time u use to answer the questions that u weren't able to in the previous stations!

I can say ALL the questions are logical ones.
The ones that we are supposed to know, but somehow all of them slipped my mind!

I can't even remember clearly the mechanism of action of each types of diuretics.
And that vertebral part...I spent almost 2 hrs studying it and I can't remember them just now.

And I was almost certain I might fail this paper :(
But then...a lot of people were frustrated too. Not that I feel good a lot people can't answer it, but it certainly made me feel better, because then it means the questions were really hard.

I know some seniors who aced in their EOS5.
And I wonder how did they do that?
They weren't those geeky nerdy silence type because I know them, that means they are quite talkative.
Did they study harder than me?
Or were they smarter than me?
Maybe too.

Whatever it is, I shall get back to revise my clinical skills.
I'll be "molesting" patients tomorrow, in front of an examiner.
I hope I wont tremble or accidentally scratched my patient or it will be embarrassing and cost me marks!

Today is 31st adi... :D

-Because life is a test-


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