Monday, May 16, 2011

Flying Family Members

No, I do not have Superman or Superheroes as my family members. I just have good ones. :)

Last Saturday my father flew to Sabah for a company family day. Well, it was a family day but no family members were invited. I think it should be call Staff Day.
He's coming back tonight, and I hope he brings back souvenirs!

And I've just sent my younger brother, Wasil to his employer's house.
He has been working in a chocolate factory near our house since last year, even before SPM. The factory is expanding its business, especially to China. So being able to speak Mandarin gave Wasil this HUGE advantage.
He was employed to be their translator, and guess what.....
They are bringing him to CHINA for a business trip!!!
There'll be an international food fair in Shanghai and they need a Chinese speaking person to be their translator. Cool isn't it?
Fyi, this is a Bumiputera company so no one can speak Chinese.

So yea, he's flying off tonight and will be back in 5 days time. :D

Funnily, his employers (a husband and wife) thought I am his younger sister!
The husband thought so first, then his mother.
Then when the wife came, Wasil quickly introduced me as "my elder sister" before she presume I'm his younger sister.

I'm jealous, because he gets to go China, free some more!
But I'm also happy for him, very happy.
And he's SUPPOSED to bring souvenirs back too.

Some time this year my parents will be going for Umrah insyaAllah, and to Jakarta for a wedding.
See how many of my family members flying everywhere?
And insyaAllah....I'll be flying off to continue my MBBS too.
Most prob I'll be going Ireland, or UK.
I'll talk about it some other time. For now, I have to continue my Renal Physiology revision.


-Because life is a test-



  1. LOL.
    Is it just me or doe the better posts seem to come at a time when the time should be spent doing something far more important :)

    That great stethoscope slider is sliding perilously close the to RHS.

    Anyway, great news about your brother and the 'flying Akmar family' May Allah grant them a safe journey.

  2. uhuh...
    no it's not just you sir..

    I am trying to write one post a day for May so.......
    But of course, the post may be a real post, or just a rambling one. :D

    that sliding stethoscope...yes...
    i'm swimming in the sea of books and notes now. :(

    thanks for the wish!