Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Have No Backbone

Hour # 1 - Sitting nicely in front of the desk. All ready to swim in the sea of books and notes.

15mins later:
While reading the notes, "Aahh... What's this? Let's see what ebook says about it"

Switch on laptop and modem. Check email, check blogspot. Check people's tumblr, then only check ebook.

Hour #2 - Slumping on the seat.
Check email, refresh blog see if any friend post new things.

Study again.
Cycle repeat.

That's pretty much what I do whole day long.
Study, and stop just for meals, prayers, toilet visits or occasional siblings distractions (Which are not really occasional. They're quite often)

If I have studied like this EARLIER, like really2 earlier, I dont think I'll be in this mess. In fact, I will be an unbelievably good student. :D
I have to admit, I have been neglecting my studies during the early months of this year. :(

So with that said, I gotta get back to study now.

-Because life is a test-


1 comment:

  1. hope i will still have this feeling even in IMU with my bestir…
    that feeelingggggg