Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping It Up

Yup, I am still trying to keep the one post a day challenge. I almost failed today, due to this throbbing, severe bilateral temporal headache that made me go drowsy and irritable.

And even though I've been trying my best to read the notes for PBL tomorrow, for the past 2hrs, I keep clicking on the mouse, surfing the net. What more when I re-found Hazirah's tumblr, haha! Quite a lot of head-spanking quotes in there, I'll put one up today, at the end of this post.

Anyway, today was my last lecture in IMU, how should I describe it?
It was cool, ended beautifully, with the last lecture being "Major Mental Illnesses". Ok yea, the plenary title doesnt sound that beautiful but the psychiatrist had a good way of teaching. And the session was ended with a group photo. :)

Throughout the lecture, I was distracted. I kept thinking "this is the last lecture, this is the last lecture... this is the last lecture... this is the last lecture ". And subconsciously, I sinked into my seat, trying to lean as much as I can on the chair, knowing that'll be the last time I sit on it. And these friends sitting in the theatre, I might not see them again after this, there is no reason for us to anymore. :(

It is that time of the month again, hormonal imbalance aggravated by presence of the exam has successfully turned my emotions upside down today. I was depressed during the first half of the day, but laughed like crazy throughout the csu practice session, slept right after I reach home, and headache at night.

Today wasn't really a good day for me, last night being an even worse one.

My Father
My father was involved in a motor accident, a motorcyclist crashed on him while he was riding his own. He injured his legs, but somehow managed to pull through the whole day yesterday, being involved with the accident in the morning on his way to work, during the rain.

Lucky enough, his boss allowed him to take leave today so he could go to clinic and get a proper MC.
Really, a lot people do not understand the agony and worry of having their fathers riding to work everyday while they comfortably drive to class.

That's all for now I guess, gotta go now.
Wanna check what my parents are doing, and perhaps sleep.
This headache is preventing me to focus on my PBL notes (yet another excuse).

-Because life is a test-



  1. re-found, you said? haha.
    anyway, yeah tumblr byk sgt "head-spanking" things, not just quotes.
    hope all is well, akmar ! :)

  2. haha.. yup, re-found.
    I started reading it once, then forgot u hv tumblr.
    Then semlm teringat / terjumpa balik...

    Yup, so far everything is fine.
    It's just that I'm drowning in the sea of books and notes. Hah!