Sunday, May 15, 2011

New New Things

Today, I installed the new house PC. And for the first half of the day, I can't use it because my old monitor just do not detect the signal from the new CPU. It's very very frustrating! I even asked my brother to bring it back to Low Yat and ask that computer shop guy to fix it for us.

Until....Raymond give me a brilliant idea; try searching another VGA port.
And I found one port, way low down. =.="

So yea, we plugged into the wrong VGA port all these while. Malu je...

Then...we can't connect to the internet. The man said he put everything in for us already, network card etc etc (I chose the computer specs myself, the man just fix them into the CPU cabinet).
But when I checked the "Device Manager", no network adapter is found.
There was just this one unidentified driver named Etherner Adapter.

So I called the Low Yat man and he said he gave us an installation CD in the box, and we're supposed to install the drivers ourselves. Heh... Malu lagi skali...
After that, the new CPU works just fine. :)

4Mbps RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate
ATI Graphic Card

Good one isn't it eh?

And I changed my phone message ringtone, call ringtone, phone display theme and screensaver.
And I feel a sudden overwhelming affection towards my phone right now. :)

-Because life is a test-



  1. Hahahah. And knowing you, you probably sweet talked the computer shop guy into selling you that PC for about 5o bucks! LOL.

  2. Love the Never judge... thing BTW.

  3. Abt 50 bucks?
    hahaha.. no sir, that's too cheap for a new CPU, and I'm sure u were joking..

    However, I did manage to strike quite a good deal for the new comp. :D
    I brought my brother along, hope he can learn the negotiating/persuading skills. But I doubt.