Friday, May 6, 2011

TGI Friday!

Yessss... I'de better start writing now or it'll turn 12 in a while more, then I'll fail in my one day a post challenge.

Today was my last PBL and MMS sessions in IMU.
I'm so gonna miss you, IMU.
(But somehow I left INTEC with comparatively better and sweeter memories. Perhaps it's because I made some really superb friends there)

Prefrontal Cortex
During MMS today, Dr Nilesh came out with a superb explanation.
People with strong religious belief has strong control over their prefrontal cortex (a part of the brain). For that reason, they are able to suppress the movements that were initiated by our hippocampus (the emotion area).
This means, if the hippocampus area asked us to do "bad things", influenced by our emotions, a "religiously trained" prefrontal area of the brain will be able to suppress the movements.
Logical and interesting explanation wasn't it?

I've always tried to link all these scientific knowledges I gained from medical school with religion, but I missed this important connection.
I don't believe scientific people cannot be religious people. Religion was not based on myths, it is logical, to some extent.

For obvious reasons, I'd say my prefrontal area is not trained enough. :(

I am very interested to know all those kinds of drugs that are able to suppress epilepsy, put us to sleep, anti depressants, anaesthetic drugs... They are all so amazing. How they act on our body system and how our body reacted to them.

But what's really not good about them is....I have to memorise their names.
And their names are so weirdddd....
Why are they called propofol, ketamine, barbiturates, vigabatril, etc...

Why can't they be called anaesthetic 1, anaesthetic 2, anaesthetic 3 and so on so forth.
Won't it make our lives easier?

And anti-insulin drugs, oh my God!
When I recite all these drugs trying to memorise them, it sounded as if I am jinx-ing someone.
It's like Harry Potter's spells, "wingardium leviosa!!"
"Lispro glargine and protamine!"
"Trizolam, Diazepam and Lorazepine!"

With that, I end this post.
Have to continue reading my CNS notes, am going half insane already.

-Because life is a test-



  1. Yes. Stupid drug names. T.T
    All the best for the preparation for the exams!

  2. yea!! the drug names are soooooo out-of-nowhere.
    Tiada kena mengena with the action pun.

    Thanks and all the best to u too!