Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wah, Judgmental nye!

Someone told me that after seeing one comment posted by another person in Facebook, he lost his respect towards the person. According to him, that comment was an unforgivable comment.

That time, I think it was wrong of him.
But I did not know why I felt that way.
Now I know.
I think that was a very judgmental comment.
You can't judge a person just by one of her statement, can you? That person might has her own reason; as a matter of fact, that person might even be prompting you to think by saying something bizarre.
Of course, since he did not disclose what the comment was, I am in no position to really say he's wrong.

But still, shouldn't we take the action as wrong, rather than the person as wrong?

Just because someone do not pray, does not mean he is not good at heart.
I am not saying the probability of him being good at heart is higher, either.
It could be that he has not seen the benefits of prayers,yet.
Why must people start judging and classifying other people?
"Oh, it's not weird seeing he does something of that sort. He didn't even pray, did he....?"
Such a judgmental statement, isn't it?

But of course, it is very dangerous for me to say something like this.
I might be killed by my own medicine; judging people whom I think were being judgmental. :p

But anyway, this serves as a reminder too for me, do not be judgmental; you do not know what that person has in his heart. It could well be millions times purer than yours, or it could even be darker than you can imagine.
Do not blame people, blame what they did.
An evil man's deed is commendable, as long as it was not a hypocrite one. :D

p/s: I'm trying to write one post a day for May, do you think I'll be able to make it?
And notice this new font? I love it!



  1. if u dont wanna be judged, dont judge others. tapikan, we cant help it to make comments and fikir mcm mcm. so better keep those unnecessary comments/thoughts tu to ourselves la kan? :)

  2. ah yeah.. being human we cant stop ourselves from thinking and analysing other people's behaviors and appearance kn?

    I sort of keep doing it pun.

    But yea u're right, keep it to ourselves is better than being the judge with the whole world as the court audience. :D