Friday, May 20, 2011

The Water Bottle

I find that my attention span is quite short, especially when my laptop is switched on. I suspected this disability of concentrating few days ago. Since then, I tried to time myself. I put a 15 minute timer, and forced myself to read; without being distracted. No toilet visit, no mouse scrolling, no typing and most importantly, no dozing off. And I found that 15 mins unbearably long. *sigh*

Every Student Has Their Own Way of Dying....of Study

I have some Architecture friends, who complained of being almost killed by their projects, models and assignments.
Eben during A Levels I saw that they lives are infiltrated by art and drawings!
And what more when they are taking degree, the amount of the projects, tripled or perhaps quadrupled.
So yea, Architecture students swim in their projects and models.

Engineering friends hmmmm...I dont have many.
Those that I have do not tell their study lives to me.
So I do not really know.

Pharmacy students?
I think they are being killed by their lab sessions and reports.

Medical students?
Well...Since the course is divided into two; theory and clinical and I am still in my theory years, I'd say we are killed by the amount of things to be read!

We don't have many labs (in fact the lab sessions we had can be counted by fingers), neither do we have many projects (thank God!).
We just have kilos of books to be swallowed.
How I hope the infos can just diffuse into my head like osmosis, from high concentration to low concentration *sigh*

When I get to the clinical years, maybe the challenges will be something else.
Readings AND clinical AND sleep deprivation perhaps?

So yea, every students have their own way of being (almost) killed.

(I'm OBVIOUSLY exaggerating here)

So let us find our own weaponries and fight against these murderers!

Why "The Water Bottle"?
Nothing. I ran out of idea of a post title.

-Because life is a test-



  1. engineering?

    we are dying during tests/assignments/projects/final exam. normally, test,assignments and projects coming together. so, we are cramped at the end of the semester. early and mid? enjoy! =)

    btw,this one for you.

    p/s: i dont know how come my comment went to previous post...zzz

  2. you're an engineering student?

    thank you for the link. :)
    you're the owner of the blog?
    at last I found one blogspot user who's using it like a tumblr. :)