Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Can't Money Buy?

Yes, really... What can't money buy?

Why then do we have two roads - highway with tolls and the usual roads without tolls?
I heard it was because highways are SUPPOSED to be jam-free and faster.
That means, those who can afford to pay more, take the highway, and have a higher chance of reaching their destination faster thus, saving time.
Those who wish to save, take the usual roads, and stop at every traffic lights and junctions.

Once, people travel low cost, took boats and ships and took days and months.
Now, people with more money take airplanes, and the journey is in only a matter of hours.
People with less money, do not travel.

Most of the domestic fights are either financial-based or disloyal-based.
With money, people can buy things and presents for their loved ones, and love can be cultivated, or reignited from there.

Daughter made mother angry, then daughter bought a handbag for mother and apologise.
Mother became happy, and things are solved.

Husband worked 24-7, no time for family.
Then, husband decided to take 1 week leave, go for a holiday with family.
Take leave from work, needs money.
Holiday also, needs money.
No holiday, forever also shy to stay amongst them.

Man loves girl. Girl doesnt love man, she loves money.
But man is rich so girl marries him.
Girl didn't cause trouble, does all her responsibilities.
Man happy, girl also happy.
Man get loved one, girl also get loved items.

Aren't they the same with love?
You are happy when you're loved, or is able to love.

Why then are some ferrocious countries colonising other weaker country?
The ancient Malaya kingdoms gave money / tax to the Siamese, and Siam guaranteed protection.
So the ancient kingdoms were basically buying peace.

So what then?
That is so important that money can't buy?

IMHO, it is LIFE.
A life that has all the above.
A life that you hv quality time, quality love and most importantly, humanity.

You can take the highway and save ur time but, imagine being stucked in the jam with your loved ones (I crazily think that's romantic), and spend that quality time together.
Be it with your spouse, parents, children or friends.
In a jam, people do not have any other thing to do, in fact they can't do anything.
So what to do? Talk...and laugh.
Spend that quality time together.

When you are at home, everybody have their own things to do.
Father watches news, mother does her work, sister studies (ehem ehem), 1st brother sleeps, 2nd brother draws and 2nd sister crazily laughs alone over korean drama.

I envy those ppl who laugh in their cars in a jam. I am stucked too in the same jam, but I was alone in the car, and the jam became horrible and unbearable.

Fight, as much as you can.
Then buy, a gift as expensive as u can afford.
But without the sincere apology, it is of no use.
Mother will still be angry, and daughter will be wasting her money.

Buy present, but only WITH the INTENTION of reigniting the love, will the love be reignited.

Go for a holiday, at the most beautiful beach in the world, stay in a 10 star hotel but without the peace, everything turns sour.

Of course, one more thing that is undeniably unable to be bought by money, sweet talks and eye-winks is RELIGION.

So yes, money alone can buy only ONE thing.
You can't get more than that.
You can't get a life with quality time, sincere friends, AND happy life.

-Because life is a test-

p/s: Sorry suddenly the post became long.
And don't mind the occassional broken English.
And thanks to Hazirah, for letting me take her tumblr pics. :p



  1. those who said money can't buy happiness simply don't know where to shop

  2. Really?

    Would you like to tell me where or how can i shop for happiness?

    Money is a contributing factor to happiness, but not the cause of it. :)

  3. you're most welcome, akmar ^______^

  4. A sick person can pay for specialist medical treatment, e.g. heart triple by pass or purchase an essential organ in a private transaction.

  5. Money can't buy "life"?

    A wealthy person can afford the best doctors and most expensive operations. They can afford to privately purchase organs they may need too. And they can afford to avoid GM food.

  6. Organ trafficking: 'Her heart was missing'
    17 May 2011 14:28