Friday, June 3, 2011

Exam Day #4 and PMS!!!!

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Thank God!

And no no no! PMS is not pre-menstrual syndrome.
In my context (and all IMU students'), it means Partner Medical School.
Basically, PMS are the med schools IMU partnered with, and so are where we can continue our twinning program at, just like a credit transfer thing.

Since I am a JPA sponsored student, JPA put me in the Ireland group.
I was disappointed at firs, because it had always been my dream to study in Manchester Univ, even since A Levels. I even wrote about it, one year ago!

Of course, being put in the Ireland group was an emotional torture for me.
I started talking to Ain, one of my best friends, who are now studying in Ireland, and she was delighted I was sent to Ireland. For that means I'll be nearer to her, and Galway Univ is definitely a good university; she'll want to go there too if were given the choice.

So I brightened up.
Then I received a lot of positive feedbacks too from people around me, saying Galway is a nice place.
The more I shone.

But I still have that tiny little hope, that I will get Manchester.
In the matching ranking form, I ranked Manchester as my first UK university, hoping Galway do not want me as much as Manchester wants me.

Then, another fear sets in.
What if, I get Australia instead?
My God.. I don't want!
Not because it is less qualified but, I do not want to spend 6 months of waiting.
Australia starts in Feb, UK starts in Aug while I'll be graduating from IMU in June (which is today!!).

The Release of Matching Result

The result will be released at 4pm, and my mother was supposed to reach IMU with aunts at 3.45pm, so that I can bring them tour around IMU before collecting my result.

But they arrived late. T___T
I was already holding the envelope and dared not open it, I wanted to share the news; good or bad with my mother first. Today is her birthday.
So when she came, I was practically trembling, because I have been holding the envelope for too long, and too many people have asked me where was I matched to and I saw ppl crying and screaming; all of that added up to my nervousness and I almost fainted because I just cant contain the emotions anymore.

And when she opened it, I cant think of anything.
Then she announced,

University of Manchester, UK!!!!

My heart stopped beating for a split second, and before I knew it, I was already in my aunt's arm, unable to even speak.

And I cried.
Tears of happiness rushed down my cheek, and I truly thanked God for this superb opportunity, showing me how much He loves me, and a test for me, so that I will never forget Him.

So yea, skip all the drama, I went to find Hui Fong and Ah Kiew in the hall while my family waited outside.
As soon as I announced I got Manchester, Ah Kiew leapt at me and screamed happily, proudly telling everyone that I am going Manchester, with her!

*And now, I am grinning from ear to ear*

How was exam?
It was fine :)
The questions that caught me off guard was the demonstration of proper hand washing technique, intra muscular injection and a case whereby the woman was unable to conceive after trying for 4 years. T_____________T

The result of this exam will be released next Friday.
IF and ONLY IF I pass this exam, will I be able to continue my MBBS in Manchester.
Let's pray hard.


-Because life is a test-



  1. salam alaik sis..
    my dream too, going to manchester..^_^

  2. congrats dear!
    im so touched reading your story, part where you were dissapointed when you were put in Ireland group.
    how about others? esp the singaporeans?

  3. tahniah!

    all d best!

    em,nak tny matching system imu kan based on result ape ye?sem 3?sem 2?

    P/S r u still on one post per day challenge?

  4. Oh my gosh! I am sooo happy for you! Congratulations on getting your dream university =)) I remember you telling me ever since I came to IMU! congrats again! Talk to you soon =) Xx

  5. @Salha
    Thank you! InsyaAllah, see u there!
    Eh, smpat ke?
    X kot.. Sbb I'm leaving IMU already.
    Too far of a gap.
    Nvm, all the best jgk!
    How was exam?

    Well, the Singaporeans... I'm not too abt that. But Jia Wei got Glasgow.
    Hannah, Ib, Amelia and Sha, didn't ask pulak.
    Btw, who is this yea?
    ^ ^

    Thanks thanks!
    JPA rank based on sem 2, 3 and 4.
    Then PMS akan rank kita suka hati dia.
    We have to submit ECA jgk tapi, rasanya diorg x tgk. Mcm mana nk tgk 100+ nye ECA.
    So, most prob diorg rank based on ranking in class; sem 2 + 3 + 4 or....randomly.
    St George's kata diorg just put number, sbb ssh nk rank rmai sgt org. Other univs, x pasti..

    @Lady D.
    Thank youu!
    All the best for EOS3 dear!!!

  6. can you ask them for me? (:

  7. Congratulations X10 Akmar! So awesome you finally get go to your dream university! :D Happy happy for you!

  8. congrats akmar :) i'm happy for you too!

  9. hoho tahniah3 ;) igt nak wat camtu gak tp takuuuut, whateva jz pray hard kan..

  10. Hello,there..did u join the imu august intake or the imu feb intake?

  11. Hi.
    I am the Feb intake. Hence I finish around June and went UK in August

  12. Hi author! Congrats on getting ur first choice again! What grade must we hv for our eos semester 3 to get our first choice of pms?? Can a B secure first few choices?? Thank you!